I Finally Killed Illidan and Saved the World Tree

What do you do when you the next WoW expansion comes out in 15 days?

I’ve purposely avoided playing too much WoW this past week. I don’t see a reason to play right before the expansion releases for a few reasons.

(1) My gear will be replaced within minutes so anything new/better that I get is pointless

(2) I’m not going to get any richer because I’m terribad at making money in the WoW economy

(3) Why burnout BEFORE the expansion?

I decided that I would toss an hour here and there to old raids. I can get transmogs, and I can see parts of the game where I’ve never been. I also want to get lots of pets and mounts (if possible).

First, I hit up Zul’aman and completed the Amani Battle Bear achievement. I tried really hard back in Cataclysm to get this bear, but our groups were never quite able to beat the timer.

Then I hit up Molten Core simply because I wanted to see it again. Nostalgia? For a place I spent hundreds of hours? A little. I obtained three pets: Ashstone Core, Harbinger of Flame, and Stinker (because I completed the achievement).  Not bad for an unexpected reward.

My next stop for the evening was Black Temple. Can you believe I’ve never even stepped foot in Black Temple? In fact, until tonight I’m pretty sure I hadn’t run a single BC raid. I made my way through this tediously long raid and finally stood toe to toe with Demon Hunter himself. He definitely would have been cool to fight back in the day.

Last stop for the night was The Battle for Mount Hyjal. Yep, never went here either unless you count Warcraft 3. This raid was so ridiculously boring and tedious because I had to wait for the waves of mobs and chase down gargoyles. The nostalgia was pretty cool, though. Watching Archimonde be smacked around my whisps was a blast from the past.

I walked away from the night with 3 pets and a dozen or so transmogs. Nothing I’ll wear, but fun to add into my collection.

  • “Nothing I’ll wear, but fun to add into my collection.”

    This sort of sums up at the enigma that is World of Warcraft fun. With pets, mounts, heirlooms, achievements and now transmog, oops, sorry appearances, I have a reason to swing by old content. In some cases its nostalgic, others its seeing it for the first time. Almost feels like Blizzard is scamming us, or cheating. And I’m enjoying it anyway.

  • Over the last month or so I’ve busied myself with running old raids, at some point I need to go back through Panda land and do all of the quests to understand the story. I figure I’ll do that at some point after Legion is no longer my top priority. I could feel the burnout starting, but it hadn’t set in yet I played so much WoW over the past 4 months. I’m glad I’ve finished everything I have needed to do. I’m looking forward to my vacation. I’ll be back a couple days before launch and I’ll be off launch day and the day after.

    As for things you should consider doing before legion I would suggest trying to get your Moose mount via a twitch streamer. I would also suggest making sure you get the Fel-spreader (or a couple to sell after Legion), any/all transmogs that you think look cool. (Remember they are re-skins of WoD professions) The Mythic Trinkets should also be on your list if you can stomach running the dungeons. (I probably won’t be on this week so you’ll want to get ET to tank)

    (My personal opinion) I think we should also take this opportunity to get the guild up to 13 or so players with at least 2 tanks and 3 main heals. It would be nice to have 2 groups in legion.