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I’m really trying to rededicate myself to getting more involved with the games that I play. For the last 6 years I’ve been disengaged. I log in, I ‘play’ then I log out. But I don’t ‘participate’ in the community, or at least try to go any sort of extra mile.

Back in 2007 when I first started writing this blog, I used to be more dedicated to that involvement. I created the simple yet overwhelmingly popular LOTRO Leveling Guide. 10,000+ people used that guide every month. I felt like I was contributing.

In Vanguard I was writing for the IGN Vault Network and helping run the Vault with guides, news, and information. I was participating more in the overall movement to make that game’s community feel connected.

Prior to either of those games (and this blog) I was always active on message boards and community sites. I contributed guides, writeups, etc.

Games have obviously blown up since then, and a game like WoW doesn’t need a simple blogger like myself to help make its community succeed. But there are niches of people — like those of you reading this blog — who still visit websites like this to get that type of information.

I’ve started contributing by creating videos and little guides/tidbits of info for Hunters. I’m going to expand that to cover information people like me — and hopefully you — would find useful. Experiences I have, knowledge I gain, and information I think you might like to know. Yes, you can get that on other websites, but I hope to foster a sense of small-niche appeal and cover things in a little more personal way.

I know that many of you don’t play WoW. Many of you will probably never play some of the games I want to get more involved in, but I hope you’ll still enjoy the posts and the content. I hope you’ll live vicariously through adventures I share.

I’m doing this because I need this. I need to feel like there’s more to me playing than just logging in, doing a quest, and logging out. I feel more connected to the games when I’m at least trying to make a community or contribute. That says a lot about games and the players — or me — that it’s come to a point where I have to stop and recommit myself. Hold me to it!

  • If you plan on dedicating any time to WoW, aim to do heroic raiding (heroic is the old normal, mythic is the old heroic), whether it is leading or joining another guild. I’m sure the legion launch will hold your attention for a few months. But if you want to as you said “connect to the game,” you have to raid. That’s just what WoW is at this point. Find a group of people you like any size between 10-30 people and it’s pretty much the best co-op RPG there is.

    Or you can do what I see you and TAGN do a couple times a year – sub, do the new patch stuff, maybe level up an alt, try out pet battling, and quit after 1-2 months. Nothing wrong with that but it sounds like you want more again.

  • @Jenks: We have about 8 people playing right now from the Keen and Graev Community. Our current plan is to do all of the content together. We’re going to do Mythic 5-man dungeons which give better loot than everything up until Mythic Raids. At that point, we will do the Mythic raids. (Normal mode raids are faceroll easy and give loot worse than 5-mans).

    My WoW sub will have been active 3 months now prior to Legion launch. Legion will present at least 3 months of content for me — I hope lots more, but thats up to Blizzard.

    For me connecting will go beyond how long I play. If I end up playing 4 months but got more involved in those 4 months, that’s a success in my book. If I play for a year but fail to get more involved then it’ll just be more of the same for me.

  • I hope blizzard can get 7.1 with new content out 3 months after launch.. if they could stick to 3 month patch cycles like in MoP that would be the best.