Where to find Fetch, Play Dead, Wake Up, and more

I learned about a few ‘hidden’ Hunter abilities and toys that I wanted to share with you guys.

When Legion launches, these will probably be available in the Hunter class hall, but if you don’t get Legion or simply want them early then I’ve made a quick little video showing where to go.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/dn3hUmvzSVY” width=”700″]

Sholazar Basin, Nesingwary Camp

  • Play Dead – makes your pet feign death
  • Wake Up – wakes your pet up from its Play Dead state
  • Fetch – retrieves loot off a corpse you own up to 40 yards away
  • Aspect of the Chameleon – makes you untrackable (like the old aspect of the beast)

Dalaran (Old and I think new)

  • Fireworks – using a ranged weapon it launches a single firework into the air

Just some fun and moderately useful abilities/toys for Hunters. I plan to continually write up useful information for my favorite class. But don’t fret! If you aren’t a Hunter, I’m going to be posting lots of useful information for everyone. I really like this idea of getting involved more and being more engaged with the actual game. I’ll write another topic on this today to address this with you all.