GW2 UI Mod for WoW

I’m usually not one for UI mods, but the GW2 UI Mod for WoW was good enough to convert me.

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The GW2 WoW UI takes most of the Blizzard UI modules and makes them look like GW2’s interface. I’m particular to the center health globe with the split action bar as well as the simplicity of the target unit frame.

Depending on your class there are class-specific UI touches. The menu icons, minimap, and quest tracker are also nicely skinned.

All of the various modules can be turned on or off and moved. In terms of customization, it’s great.

If you’re like me and want a clean, minimalistic UI with all the functionality of the default WoW UI, then check out the GW2 UI Mod for WoW.

  • Thanks! This is awesome,

    I just started again and have found

    TSM, Cross Realm assists and Master planner ( for garrison) to be very helpful aswell

    Are you using any boss / raiding addons ?

  • Thanks for all the WoW articles. Keep em coming.

    I’m trying REALLY hard not to resub, but I’m losing! heheh.

  • I know you mentioned you’re particular to the central Health Globe, and locations of the power/resource bars, but is there a chance we will see them be movable in the future? People use lots of addons and having the class power and resources anchored in place can really interfere and overlap. Unfortunately I had to disable GW2 UI that I’ve been using since release to accommodate some other frames. If I could move those two elements, I’d definitely keep using it.

    Also, there should be an option to disable the exp bar, and the painted display that appears behind the health globe should either be a toggle or be tied to the healthglobe when it’s disabled.

    Really love this addon, makes transitioning from GW to WoW super easy.

  • @H: You can turn the health globe off entirely under the options rather than disable the whole GW2 UI. Just about everything can be disabled.