Surviving the First Few Days as a Survival Hunter Pre-Legion

I’m having a lot of fun in WoW right now. I’m still in that “WTF is going on” phase where I’m still figuring out tradeskills, my spec, my gear, etc.

Survival Hunter Spec in Legion

My spec is Survival, which has the toughest rotation I can remember playing in WoW. Bear tanking in WotLK was all swipes. Mage play in Cataclysm was nuke nuke dump. Shaman healing in Pandaria was literally casting the same 3 spells depending on how badly someone needed a heal. Survival Hunter is all about using cooldowns at opportune times and building stacks using abilities that increase my ability to use stacks.

WoW Survival Hunter Talents for Legion

I’m both excited about playing something that’s challenging, and apprehensive about actually being able to do it.

I plan to provide as much useful WoW Hunter content as I can. I’d like to get back to the point where I’m actively contributing useful information, insight, and critiques for a class in a MMO. The launch of a new expansion to WoW could be a good opportunity for that.

Working on my Tradeskills for Legion

Engineering is awesome. I made a Gnomish Gravity Well. I can basically send myself up really high into the air with it, then use my Goblin Hanglider that I made to fly around. That’s going to be an awesome combo for Legion where I won’t have flying for a really long time.

KGC Guild is Up

We formed a guild (KGC) on Fenris, Alliance. We decided it would be nice to have a guild vs. being in someone else’s, and we’ll run the 5-man Mythic Dungeons which will get us gear that rival raiding until the highest tiers — which we will farm later.

If you want to join us for Legion, give me a shout. Alternatively you can join us on Discord where we have an active server with 6-10 people on nightly. We chat about WoW, form groups, and just have fun. It’s a great community.


  • My Gnome Hunter is Level 18 now. It’s all going very nicely but one of the big draws for me was the opportunity to tame mechanical pets and as yet I haven’t seen any. I could look it up and I guess soon I’ll have to but you would have thought they might have put one or two in the Gnomish starting area or nearby.

  • I won’t spoil it for you unless you want me to, but there are at least 4 mechanic pets you could have tamed already! 🙂 One hint I’ll provide is that you should look where you would expect to find mechanical things.

  • I’ve managed to give out commemorative beer steins for those KGC founders that hit 100. I know Keen and Damage took a couple screen shots of the three of us standing outside of a giant lion statue in Stormwind. I’m having a blast as I still have a list of items I am working on. I hope to have everything finished before Legion, mainly my Legendary Ring, and more transmogs.

  • Must…..Resist…..

    I really do miss playing some WoW!

    In yall’s opinion is it worth coming back before Legion’s launch if I already have a max character?

    Thanks for the info.

  • Howdy! How’s it going?

    Yes, I would say it’s definitely worth coming back before Legion. The pre-patch is here and the “invasion event” will begin in probably one week from today.

    There’s plenty to do to prepare for Legion Day 1

  • Playing Alliance ? Never ! 😉

    I haven’t done much yet on my Outlaw Rogue, because there’s not much to do when you’re not interested in running dungeons this late or past content for transmog, but I have a bad feeling so far. I seem to be missing some oomph factor. I used to joke that playing a Combat Rogue was pushing 3 buttons and ignoring all the other fancy stuff and it didn’ get better. I still only have 3 buttons, but no longer needs to ignore a lot of skills. Maybe in dungeon/raids it will be different, but questing is really pushing your single combo generator and spending them with your only spender worth it. Oh and shoot that gun when there’s a proc. I’ll use the invasion events to test other specs, well Subtely because I don’t have any daggers for Assassination.

  • Keen
    I have several level 100’s that i may move one or two to Fenris. How do I join the guild?

  • Have you used Discord before? It’s a really nice chat and voice communication platform. Put this link in your browser and it should get you all set up:

    Once in Discord we can coordinate your invite.

    Alternatively, you can log in on Fenris and message “Mechanical” or “Yotor” and one of us will get you invited. 🙂