Hiring Artist for Twitch, Youtube & Blog Gaming Art

This is mostly the style I'm looking for. Can or doesn't have to be the minecraft style, but this has the qualities. Source: Finsgraphics (who doesn't take commissions?)
This is mostly the style I’m looking for. Can or doesn’t have to be the minecraft style, but this has the qualities. Source: Finsgraphics (who doesn’t take commissions?)

I’m looking to commission some work from an artist or freelance designer who wants to create channel art for our Youtube, Twitch.tv, and even the Blog here. I thought finding someone to create art would be easy, but apparently it’s crazy hard to find artists out there.  Few seem to actually have websites or know how to optimize their work to be found online. The ones I do find are so inundated that they’re all saying, “Sorry no commissions.” Huh.

So any of you out there with talent whose websites I can’t find, I’m willing to pay for this work to be done. Here’s what I want:

  • Heavily (as in 100%) related to video games (mixing in lots of games together would be awesome since we’re a variety show here) so the artist needs to have a familiarity with games and be able to infer what I mean when I try to explain what I want. Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed, Minecraft, Uncharted, even nerdy stuff like Star Wars.
  • Twitch.tv, Youtube, and Website art (avatars and custom logo included)
  • Styles I like include stuff like Finsgraphics (specially this one). Doesn’t HAVE to be Minecraft style, but I want all of the qualities of that type of work. I want cartoony, bright, youthful, colorful, polished and glossy. Not too cutesy or anime, but some cute is okay. Almost chibi but not really?
  • Would love our avatars (Keen and Graev) to be dressed up as these characters.

More Art references (I’ll keep updating these as I find them)

I’ve checked Fiverr and Etsy and /r/forhire and still can’t find anyone. If you know someone, forward this to them. If you are that someone, shoot me an email with some of your work or leave a comment here to your portfolio. I’m totally cool with you sharing links to your stuff for others to see.

If I’m using the wrong search terms or if you know where or how I can find the stuff I want, please let me know.

  • Still not a single solitary person has contacted me and I’ve posted here, on twitter, and facebook. ::shrug::

  • Keen,

    Been a follower of your site a long time. I am an artist. Currently illustrating full-time for a major toy company. I think it depends on whom you are contacting as basically you get what you pay for. I’m an avid gamer myself, so I know your lingo when you talk mmos, action games, rpg’s, etc.

    Anyhoo, if you like my work, we can talk pricing.