Supercell Says Emotes Are Here To Stay

Supercell Won't Remove Emote Spam

I play Clash Royale every single day. When I’m away from home, it’s my game of choice. In fact, some days when I have huge downtime or I’m traveling, I could spend a couple of hours playing. While I’m not very good (I constantly float between 1300 and 1900 trophies), I still love to play the game. What I hate though are the emote spammers.

I’ll be playing a game and lose by one single goblin spear. That’s a fraction of a second loss. I’ll emote the “Good game well played” and my opponent will spam me with tears and laughs and rage faces and more tears. WTF? Another game will go by and I’ll be obliterated—crushed, destroyed, no chance of victory—and I’ll say nothing or GG the opponent and they’ll once again spam me with emotes.

Players like me feel this is disruptive to a friendly and competitive environment, but Supercell says the emote spam is here to stay.

The same principle – evoking strong emotions – is at the heart of why we’re not planning to implement a mute option. Emotes are loved by some and hated by others – even within the Clash Royale team! We believe these strong emotions are integral to the core of the game.

Hey, I get it. Clash Royale makes me rage, shout for joy, etc. The game elicits emotions and they’ve done a FANTASTIC job. But being able to mute those emotes won’t stop those emotions. If they’re worried it would make the spammer’s experience less enjoyable then they wouldn’t have to let that person know I’ve muted them. What it probably boils down to is a realization their most of their players are emote spammers, and making a move against he majority isn’t in their best interest.

For now, I’ll just have to suck it up and deal with the spam.

  • I agree with Supercell here – I think the principle behind their decision is solid. Taking emotions out of games has been going on for a long time. However, what generally gets removed are “negative emotions” that people experience for whatever reason…but with the removal of these “negative emotions”, you also remove the positive emotion associated with not falling victim to whatever may cause the negative emotion…you cannot remove one without affecting the other. What you usually end up with is a game devoid of any emotional attachment…

    I am not sure if Clash Royale is the prime example of that…because there is not that much you can do to really affect people emotionally…I am not sure if silly emoticons are really representative of that (apparently they are though?)…I am thinking more of MMOs but I understand the principal behind their decision even if it is just kind of applicable.

    Anyway, we have come a long way from the days of UO where someone could stalk you, kill you while you are fighting a monster, call you a noob and loser for 5 minutes, and then take all of your stuff and run off…to…oh no…this guy send me three crying face emoticons after he beat me…in the UO example…imagine the satisfaction of actually beating that guy the next time you see him…this creates emotional atatchment to the game..we need more of that…not less…even though I still cant believe this is a big deal to people…

  • “Emotes are loved by some and hated by others”

    So, “Some people like to grief and some people hate being griefed, so we’re leaving them in with no option to turn them off! Be griefed and like it! L2P, fag!”

    I don’t even play the game but that post makes me angry reading it. I guess that’s what I expect from the developers of a free game.

  • Personally I am not enjoying CR anymore. My player skill is non-existent (I have a very short fuse when it comes to PvP which doesn’t help) and the emote spamming just makes it even worse. Even the matches I win don’t give me any joy as the only reason I play them is to try and keep the chests ticking over. So basically I only exist to provide other players with cards in the clan and that is about it. Judging by the 0 card trading many of the other players have after many weeks I think quite a few members of the clan have abandoned the game.