Star Trek Bridge Crew

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You’ve probably seen my skepticism over this VR craze these past few months. I’m not a believer. I’m not sold on it. I think the price points and the gimmick levels are high—real high. BUT… how awesome is it that you can be on the bridge of a Star Trek ship?!

Seeing LeVar and the crew able to all play together like that made me want for nothing more than to throw on one of those gimmicky headsets and start looking around the room like a doofus too.  The nostalgia and the setting would drive me to buy one if nothing else.


Where I’m concerned about Star Trek Bridge Crew is in the details. Is it more than a button pressing simulator? Is it more than FTL with $600 goggles? I want more than simply simulating a few mini-games here. I want that experience of navigating a sandbox galaxy. I want to run into the Borg while delivering aid to a race of people on a planet I’ve never seen while trying not to violate the Prime Directive.

I can’t get my hopes up. I have to come back to reality. For this to really work you have to have four people in a room all with $600 goggles (AI playing ruins the experience). Totally unrealistic of me to expect more, but perhaps a fun social experience (for the 1% elite) nonetheless.

  • This is my main interest from Ubi. As you said in your other post, I too hope it is a real game. It would push me to get a headset too.

  • I think Playstation VR will be the best one because you know its supported on PS4/Neo games.. For vive, occulus, etc some games are exclusive on those headsets

  • I could see this being nothing but button pressing. I dont want to hate on VR but I really think the technology is just too early. I think for VR to work it needs to be wireless headsets and in large open warehouses where you can pick franchises or scenarios to run with your friends or some such.

  • @Keen: Sorry if you’ve mentioned this elsewhere and I just haven’t seen it, but have you had a chance to try any of the VR headsets yet? My buddy got the Vive and let me try it. It was… unreal. Yes, the technology is in its infancy and there are no full games really, but it just felt so real. It was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had.

    I say that say it’s definitely not a gimmick. Yes, it needs polish and more work, but we have the beginnings of something truly, truly special. Admittedly, none of that will happen if it doesn’t take off, and the expense might be the reason why it doesn’t. But… man, it was crazy cool.