EA Press Conference: “I Think We’re Winning!”

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Oh EA. I really do wonder sometimes who heads up your marketing department, and why you guys do what you do. The EA press this afternoon was one of—if not the—worst E3 press conferences they’ve ever had. The entire event could be summarized like this:

“Do you like cool games? We’ve made some cool games in the past. But since we don’t have anything cool to show you, here’s some Soccer!”

The highlight of the event was Peter Moore’s cringe-worthy, “I think we’re winning,” comment after the early applause.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/yrIEW7woFFo?list=PLLy6qvPKpdlVdzNAJnoDXmUBlBU6re6pD” width=”700″]

I was seconds away from turning off the overly-dramatized,  gratuitous dudebro sporting fest when they suddenly started playing some Star Wars music. Sadly, and to my dismay, nothing Star Wars can even be expected until late 2017 at best. Even then I can’t decide if it’s going to be any good based on what little they showed. At least some of the developers they showcased are talented — some ex-Naughty Dog people there who can at least tell a story.

EA ended their showing with their usual crutch: Battlefield.They showed trailers and stuff we’ve already seen and said a whole lot about nothing (kinda like the rest of the show). They talked about Zac Effron and Jamie Foxx who were there as nothing more than shills for EA to whore out. Ugh it was all just awkward. I’m excited about BF1, but I’m simply not interested in this kind of display.

The bar is set. Even Microsoft will look good in comparison.

  • Star Wars was the only thing I was interested in, though they showed little to nothing. The only saving graces I saw were Amy Hennig and Stig Asmussen. But I wont hold my breath, EA tends to nickle and dime you for the whole game.

  • @Wonderwyrm: Yep, exactly. We can at least cross our fingers with some degree of expectation that the story will be decent.