Legion Professions

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Lots of good information is coming out about Legion professions. I was waiting on some solid info before really making my decision — not that I have to make a decision now or anything, but I like knowing where I’m going.

You can find a lot of the information on Wowhead’s Legion Professions guide, but there’s still a bunch scattered around.

Summing up what’s on Wowhead, it looks like JC is the only profession with a statistical character boost with its +600 stat gems. While not a huge advantage, the min/maxers out there will definitely go with any advantage they can get.

I’m going with Engineering and Mining because I can’t see any excuse to be anything else when I’m a Gnome Hunter. Although I can tame mechanical pets by default because I’m a gnome, I can’t imagine not having that theme. Then there’s the awesome Reaver pet companion thing that comes with upgradeable modules. It can fight with you, teleport you, be your bank or mailbox, and other goodies. The Reaver is obtained through an Engineer profession and more schematics are unlocked as you progress. There’s also a turret pet or something that flies around and shoots. Gnome Engineer Hunter with my own mechanic let army? Sign me up.

Professions in general are being tailored more toward the player who wants to invest more time into them. WoD gated professions significantly along the path to the endgame, but that’s going away. I’m hoping that professions mean so much more in Legion than they have in the past. Crafting has really been such a throwaway or little more than a mandatory stat boost that it’s been more obnoxious than fun. Fingers, yet again, crossed.