WoW Entices Players to Return with Free 90, WoD, and Game Time

Looks like Blizzard is ramping up the WoW marketing in time for their investor call on May 5. I don’t know if any of this is necessarily new, but it’s new to me so thought I’d share.

Free WoD and 90


Graev received the above email this evening. I don’t know if it’s legit. I told Graev not to click on it but instead go to his account settings. He said he’ll let me know if it’s legit or not. I’m assuming it’s real? Pretty sweet deal for someone like Graev who hasn’t played in forever. He was actually intrigued by the offer. The corgi pet coming in Legion may also have something to do with that.

I did note the expiration date on the offer, though… curious.

I sorta wish they’d give me a 90 boost. I want to level another character, but I have no interest in slogging my way through the 75-90 grind again. Goes back to the journey meaning absolutely jack in WoW. The game really doesn’t begin until 90 right now, and if you don’t like building up your Garrison then it doesn’t begin until you’ve been 100 for a few months.

So if you haven’t played WoW in awhile, check your inbox. You might get for free what I had to buy last August.

  • I got the same email. I just logged into bnet and 2 of extra accounts (from RAF many moons ago) have WOD now with this free game time under referrals and rewards. I could boost a char under those and pay $25 to transfer it to my main account but the only class I don’t have at 100 is shaman and I’m going to use the legion boost on that. Also not much point in creating chars on other realms since cross realming exists.

  • An old post of my about a phishing attempt with the title “Blizzard Isn’t Giving You a Free Copy of Warlords of Draenor” is getting a lot of traffic today, and now I know why. I had to add an update to indicate that it is possible now, it just wasn’t back then.

  • I hadn’t looked at anything WoW related in a couple years, and a friend and I started talking about playing again when Legion comes out. So after talking for a bit, we decided to install and go ahead and buy/patch up to Warlords. I logged into my account on the BNet page and saw that my account was already at the Warlords level. I was very confused because I don’t normally forget buying things. HAHA… After a couple hours research I concluded that I hadn’t bought anything, and it must be a fluke. The next day, I got the email you mentioned and it made more sense. Good timing on our part, since we were about to actually spend money. HAH!