Class Orders Won’t Be Garrisons, But Close Enough?

WoW Class Order Hall Missions

I haven’t followed WoW’s Legion expansion development very closely, but seeing that I am now back in WoW and playing on a weekly (not daily) basis it might be time to start following it a bit more.

You might recall from my last trip into WoW that I liked the Garrisons introduced in WoD. I also enjoy games like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, etc., where I’m building up something and nurturing a city form or whatever it may be. I like having my own space and upgrading it based on playing and making decisions. I thought most of the Garrison features were quite nice.

My biggest gripe with the Garrisons were that the rest of the game didn’t matter. Looks like Blizzard agrees that this was a main problem — perhaps most people agree? In the three months I played WoW, I think I went to Orgrimmar or a main city once — ONCE! My last month was spent logging in to send my guys out on missions, running a dungeon or two, but mostly just focusing on my Garrison’s rewards. They were too good not too, and as a result deflated the rest of the game.

I realize that Garrisons are/were quite polarizing. People either like them (like me) or they loathe their very existence. This loathing came into light yesterday when a WoW designer/dev commented on recent statements from Alpha testers that the new class Order Halls were starting to feel the same way. Watcher (the dev) seems pretty open about making it fact that “mission tables” are not the plan, and that questing (this big epic quest story thing) will be the main reward mechanism; AKA getting out in the world and having a quote, “proper MMO experience.”

I’m glad to see Watcher noting that there are players who enjoy aspects of the mission-table experience — that’s me. I like the idea of the epic stories tying into my experience. I seem to be getting the best of both worlds.

Class Order Halls and their missions are on the top of my anticipated-feature list.

  • “proper MMO experience.”

    Too funny that New Blizzard believes the core of the MMO experience is a one-off sRPG quest line that will no doubt be whatever is lower than faceroll in difficulty. How they still have a few million subs is truly a wonder.

  • I’ve recently gotten back into WoW w/ Keen and Dmg. At 100 I enjoy the Garrison aspect more than I enjoy questing at this point, but I think that is only because I’m in a PVP server where I spent 30 minutes getting ganked over and over while just wanting to do some simple daily quests.

    I think Garrison Missions are to much, they should supplement the game play not be the entire game. I don’t want to completely lose the aspect of garrisons in wow, maybe they will come up with some better hybrid.

  • Off topic. no sound. but its funnnn

    The aim is to not hit the body of any player snakes with your head.
    And make them run into yours.

    Grab energy balls to grow bigger.. and bigger.

  • Oh and use the left or right keyboard key to gain a speed boost for a bit.
    It runs out and has to recharge.

    Fun to see a big fat player die and grab his energy and grow fast.