My Wife Plays: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Theme on Piano

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Bri continues her quest of arranging all of the greatest songs from video games. This time she’s playing The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’s main theme song, which I believe is titled “Nerevar Rising.”

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Full disclosure, I never actually played a ton of Morrowind. Graev has told me countless times I should play, and I know he’s right. I know it’s a phenomenal RPG. I think it’s time to actually add it to my list of must-plays in the backlog.

So which song is next? She has quite the following here at our local elementary school. When the kids come into the library they are greeted each time by her music. Apparently they’re all perfectly silent and listen when her music is on. She has received a few hundred requests for “Minecraft music!” I think she’ll have to oblige.

As always, she’s taking your requests as well. Anything you’d like to hear?

  • Balamb Garden – Final Fantasy VIII

    One day I want to go to a Distant Worlds show and hear them play that song live.

  • I played TES3 more or less exclusively for almost 2 years. Had a lot of fun playing with mods, even made a few mod tweaks of my own at times. came up with “concept characters” for RP purposes and would play different games in different styles according to the concept of the character. I thing after I’d been playing for over a year I finally played through the main story quest once just to say that I had.

    Bought the Mournhold expansion and while it had some kewl stuff in it, it was so much more story/quest focused than the vanilla game where I simply enjoyed living in the world… I liked the new items and gear that I earned in it, but overall I preferred the non-expansion areas. Such is life, no? But yeah…. it was a lovely lovely game.

    I never played TES4. And I didn’t play TES5 until after I’d played an ESO beta weekend. I liked Skyrim quite a lot, but it also felt like it was more quest/story focused than I wanted, at least until I got the mod that gave different starting areas and stories, with a breadcrumb to the story if you wanted it, but if you didn’t, then you could just live in the world again. But by the time I installed that, I was pretty well done with the game, so…. yeah. TES3 will always be “my TES game.” I liked TES5 and TESO, but Morrowind was my 1st love and the others have paled when compared against her memory.

  • @Keen Send you an email using the one that was listed in your contact details. (it required an attachment that is why)

    It is the song I would try to play if I had the patience and a piano…
    Perhaps she likes it.

    Oh and out of all the elder scrolls games Morrowind is still the best one.
    Yup I said it..

  • Morrowind was awesome. It’s no surprise that there are mods which replace some gameplay mechanics in Skyrim with the Morrowind counterparts. Morrowind’s world was so totally unrestricted. You could go out and fight the last boss like right away if you knew where to go. There were little things like how every item a store carried was actually stored somewhere. Usually items were displayed on a shelf or a table but they could also be in a chest somewhere in the shop.

  • Well played !

    Some of my fav on piano
    World of Warcaft Tavern them 1 : Lion’s Pride
    Final Fantasy Terra’s theme
    World of Warcraft The Shaping of the World

  • Can we get her to do the realm? Although I’m having trouble remembering that theme I’m sur it will bring back good memories!