Google Glitches, WoW Leveling, and Clash Royale


Today was a crazy 14 hours work day, and I didn’t accomplish any of the gaming things I wanted to do.

Google glitched out and their Google My Business Knowledge Panel disappeared for half of my clients. I had to figure out my own fix while Google gets their act together. If yours disappeared, simply go into your Google My Business profile, Manage Location, Edit (red button) your profile, click the Edit button (pencil) in the address section, then Edit marker location. Then simply move the map marker a tad. In five minutes your Knowledge Panel will be back, your reviews restored, your local listings back, etc. April Fools turned into a nightmare.

I did end up playing WoW for about 40 minutes with my friends. We went into a couple of dungeons, I gained a few levels, and we got a little bit closer to getting out of Burning Crusade. Oh yeah, didn’t I tell you? I’m playing again while waiting for Legion. ::shrug:: Whatever, it’s fun enough.

My friend who has always kept the faith with WoW and never stopped playing (I don’t know how you do it man…) gave me a really neat Gronnling mount. Awesome looking thing! Very cool.

As for Clash Royale, the only rock in my life of gaming right now, I think I have a deck that works 75% of the time. I’m bouncing between 1300 and 1400 trophies. The key is Giant Skeleton and dual pushing. If I get overrun and forced to play defense I lose pretty fast. Still no Baby Dragon or Skeleton Army. Bleh.

Hope you all had a relatively good tongue-in-cheek-no-funny-at-all day!

  • I’ve got 3k Gold saved up in Royale, so just waiting for a good epic to go on sale. I’m still trying to get in Arena 4.

  • Only reason I’m playing WoW right now before legion is because I can pay with gold each month and still make enough to come out on top with very little time investment. Besides that I just do some holiday and other event related stuff. You’ve said it before but the WoW tokens were genius on Blizzard’s part. I’m surprised it took them so long given the model has been around for forever in EVE and EQ.

    Right now I’m waiting for the LOTRO anniversary sale to pick up the last couple expansions I’m missing. I decided I wanted to level one character through the game to see it before it shuts down. Just finished isengard.

    Yeah seems everyone has that one or two cards they are missing that it feels like everyone else has. I’m still missing prince myself.

  • @Werit As another f2p player I would hold on to your gold and use it to upgrade cards instead.
    Costs of upgrading cards will quickly go up. to Raise a card to lvl 7 costs 1000 gold. to 8 2000 gold.

    Better to have patience and wait for those epic drops yourself from chests.
    Besides what is 1 2000 gold bought epic card gonna help in the end if its only lvl 1 and you get to higher arenas?

    Made it to lvl 7 and 1650ish arena 6. No longer using baby dragon. I think the wizard took its place (you can get wizard at arena 5) current main deck: fireball, both goblin troops, arrows, minion horde, giant, wizard, barbs.

    At arena it is common to find players using mana pumps. they cost 5 mana and generate like 9 mana over their lifespan i think. They place 1 i make a hard push, as they are down 5 mana. then im patient a bit till the push if over and his mana pump is around half health, then I fireball it. It will get destroyed before it made a profit, so he wasted his mana.

  • Oh and clash royale does this on purpose making you miss out on certain epics, so you feel urged to grab your credit card. I heard even max lvl players still missing certain epic cards go figure.

  • @zyler good advice, thanks! I dropped the Baby Dragon recently, as it is still a level 1. Replaced with Musketeer.

  • @Zyler: Good advice on how to overcome the mana pump. Definitely not a card I see needing in my deck right now. I finally got Baby Dragon, though I bought it with 2,000 gold. I still have 1500 gold that I’m going to save up, but most of the cards in my current deck are level 6-7 already so the cost of upgrading is very high.

    @Krigare: Do you know if they are simply removing that ability to generate money like you do in Legion, or will you still be able to do your money making Garrison stuff? If its going away I won’t bother, but if it’s staying I may as well make that a daily activity so that I can earn gold.

  • @Keen: Yeah its getting completely nerfed. Gold payout missions will reward garrison resources instead of gold.

  • Getting destroyed in arena 6 against certain decks I have not seen before.
    Yes I copied some lol, but I do not have the card lvl to make em work…. yet.

    Now some luck to get me a golem.

  • Clash Royale Sales: Aren’t they different for each player? I think my epic is Pekka and Lightning…

    LOTRO: Krigare…. Is it closing down??? Or you are just guessing that this is likely to happen soon?

  • Don’t buy cards. Save your money for upgrades. It’s better to roll with higher level common and rare cards than level 1 or 2 epics. Especially once you’re up in Arena 5-6 and crown level 7+

    Oh, and donate everything and anything you can. You can farm up to 300 gold and 60 experience per day just by donating cards to clanmates.

  • I think buying the epics that work for you at 2k is worthwhile, because if that epic gets you into higher arenas, it will generate more gold for you going forward (gold in chest, plus card numbers, scale up as you move up).

    Also spending $5 to buy 10k gold every month or so is more than a reasonable expense if you play the game ‘enough’ to justify the ‘subscription’. Far worse ways to spend money in gaming these days.

  • Obviously a willingness to buy gold monthly would change the bottleneck over to the cards 🙂