Daybreak’in More Games?

Daybreak could be at “it” again. What “it” is remains to be seen, but could be a number of variable behaviors we’ve seen over the past few years. Their recent job postings point at a new game. A Creative Director and Senior Producer for the new game based out of Austin. Perhaps that hints at the DCUO team being being used to create something?

While working for the company that brought us EverQuest would have been a dream come true, I’m confident that most professionals (aka not the ones begging for a job by tweeting back to Daybreak’s announcement) can see the lack of job security and potential turmoil that has been wrought at Daybreak over the past years. Not something I would ever want to jump into.

As for what games they’re making, I have a few guesses.

  • Some sort of MOBA that isn’t based on any existing properties
  • Isometric RPG like Divinity: Original Sin using one of their properties or even something generic

What I don’t see is anything remotely MMO, shooter, or based on an existing property. While I think building something based off EverQuest, for example, would be the easiest route since it wouldn’t require a lot of the early leg work to build a brand or a history, I just can’t see it happening — who would take it seriously after canning EQ Next?

Sadly, they’ve slipped into that pocket of obscurity where people have stopped caring and stopped taking them seriously. I can’t see a future there for them. That’s not a position from which to launch a huge new title or something people are going to flock to the stores to buy, or hype up on the web. I’d expect a massive change in PR/Marketing before any new games, and they simply don’t have the money for that.

  • I am betting on a Clash of Clans knock-off. Too many MOBAs have shown up and failed to excite at this point for even Daybreak to think that was a good idea and they have that ex-EA guy on board plus Columbus Nova wanting their money every month. It will be something cheap and unoriginal.

  • They are just painting the walls and putting in new carpets and hoping to flip it soon. Do we even know who runs daybreak?

  • Ah never mind I looked it up and they are owned by a company that is owned by a Russian conglomerate of oil and oil. Wtf? That can’t end well. Having some flashbacks to allods online though.

  • Ohhhh I think you’re on to something here Wilhelm. I hadn’t even considered mobile games… that’s actually quite brilliant for them.

  • Mobile games are dangerous..better stick to your PC..yesterday a guy here in Norway walked in front of a coming train and died as he was too busy with his phone to see the train coming..or so the News says..

  • I think casual mobile is the way they are going to. Just take the Everquest property and paste it over the same form of games that everyone else is making. Everquest versions of Clash of Clans as well as am Everquest style digital card battle game and an Everquest candy crush clone. They could reuse the same assets across all the mobile games with just a little bit of adjustments.

    At this point they have proven they can not do anything right with pc gaming so they might as well just become a mobile game company anyway.

  • @Werit: Microsoft made an Age of Empires version of Clash of Clans that was actually quite fun. It carried over across devices on PC and iOS. I would totally play something like that.