The Plight of 1200 Trophies in Clash Royale

clash-royaleClash Royale is my goto game whenever I have downtime. If I’m in line at Disneyland, I pull of CR. If I’m waiting for my car at the service center I pull out CR. If I’m in line for lunch I pull our CR. I play it all the time. That’s part of the appeal for me — CR can be continually played without any penalty and without being forced to wait 30 minutes for something to reset.

Despite playing for hours and hours, I’m struggling to advance. I’m stuck around 1200 trophies. Every time I come within a win of pushing past, I go on a losing streak. I’ve stopped tweaking my decks as much, but that’s not the issue anymore. The issue really is that regardless of what I use, I seem to hit the people who are higher level than me or wanting to counter me.

All things considered, I win as much as I lose. I hover around 1100, spike to 1200, drop to 100, and sit at 1100 fighting people who are level 6-7 with cards 1-2 levels above mine. When I fight someone with cards like mine at level 5 it’s not even a contest — I feel like I crush them.

A few tips I’m learning to use more in my matches:

  • If they’re not sending cards, you should probably not send cards unless you have lots of 4+ elixir cards in hand.
    • The trick is to counter when they play and push against their weakness.
  • Know when to hold your cards at bay while letting towers soak up some damage. Nothing is worse than dropping a card to counter the 3 flying minions when you realize your towers can take them no problem. You’re down 3-4 elixir and they’re already likely regenerated theirs.
  • Elixir advantage is king. You can’t win if you constantly starve yourself.


My current deck I use is mega aggresive with minor defensive counters. I’m also playing with another option but ultimately all of my problems seem to stem back to having no Baby Dragon or Skeleton army. The decks I want to build need those cards to push to later arenas.

I still haven’t spent a dime. I’m not going to, either. I’ll just keep playing until my cards are either leveled so much that I wreck people at my trophy levels or I simply get better. One has to happen eventually!

  • I’m at 845 and have lost 4 games. I ONLY play a game when I only have 1 chest that’s currently being opened, or I need Crowns to open the Crown Chest. This way, I’m not over-extending myself into higher tiers while still having mediocre cards. I only spend gold upgrading cards that are in my deck, as opposed to upgrading everything (I imagine eventually I would want to upgrade everything, but right now I’m just saving my gold). Thus, I only just hit level 4. I’ve also been lucky and gotten 2 Magical Chests (small purple, 12 hour open time) which gave me a couple very useful Epics (Goblin Barrel and Witch).

    I’m noticing now what I expected to happen eventually – I’m hitting the tier of players that have been playing a while and are waffling around trading wins/losses so that they are at the same Trophy count as I, but have hundreds of wins worth of chests and crowns. I won 2 games yesterday and the players had 235 and 114 Wins, where I have 31 Wins.

    It’s going to get worse, and all you can do is take your losses and hope you’re winning enough that you are inching your way up the ladder (and not falling). This game is fun, but spending money on it seems like the returns will be small. I’ll still be stuck in some bracket.

    Let me know what Guild you are in, Keen, so we may do glorious battle…. err practice.

  • I still feel like Prince is the most dangerous single card in the game (demanding an instant counter), but yeah, Baby Dragon definitely gets all-around MVP pick from me. You pretty much either drop a Musketeer to trade or let it deal a decent amount of damage to your towers. I can’t imagine what card I would replace it with that would make my deck stronger.

  • I am right around 1200 trophies and level 6 as well. I personally find Prince useful and yes if uncountered one of the best at taking down towers… however everyone has a counter for him because there are so many. Minions, Minion Hoard, Barbarians, Skeleton Armie, Even goblin + goblin spears can counter him fairly well. Usually all you need is to delay him a bit in front of your tower and let it kill him. He is still useful though as he does have to be countered or takes a tower by himself. I usually use him to force an over commit to counter which happens quite a bit, then I can counter that counter efficiently enough to come out ahead in elixir.

    Baby dragon I find not great at all. Were prince will kill a tower if uncountered the tower can usually kill a baby dragon before taking more than 1/3 of it’s health, letting you push the elixer you would use to counter it into pushing their tower.

    For me the stars have been Undead Giant, as it counters it’s own counters (swarming it), and minion horde simply because it counters so many other cards so well. Minion horde beats baby dragon straight up, prince, giants, a witch depending on the level.

    Right now my most consistent deck is Prince, Barbarian, Balloon, With, Musket, Undead Giant, Minion Horde, Goblin Spears.

  • I use the 4 small skeletons as a replacement for skeleton army, and it works quite well. Your deck seems to lack some ground counters, I’d get at least one of the following in: barbs, mini skeletons or goblins, as they work very well against pekkas and all tower focusers.

    @Drathmar: That is a very nice 5 epic deck you run. If you get the epics to sustain that, very nice and lucky, but I don’t think it is that common.

  • I need to play more ….my third game I ran into a mob that I could barely dent and got a bit frustrated! It’s a fun little game though so far.

  • I play for free and am currently at 1432, arena 5, lvl 6.
    I do not feel like I have reached a hard wall yet, where I can no longer slowly work my way up.

    But maybe… that is because I know the game is rigged and I play around it.
    See a popular youtube clash royale streamer told the game is rigged to match you with players that you have a high change of losing against after playing 5 games straight. Solution? Wait a while with playing after those 5 games or dive down in ranking.

    There might be some truth to it.

    Also Keen your deck seems mediocre at best.
    You have 2 rapid tower attacks, but no tank that your ranged (support) troops can use to stay behind doing their work.
    Personally i do not like the minion horde either. 5 mana that gets instantly countered by arrows 3 mana.

    Barbarians are very popular. (i use them as well) You prob counter those with the minion horde. “arrows incoming” what alternative are you left with? bomber is good but without a tank in front of him he is soon dealt with. (personally i like fireball on barbs and let the tower finish off their 5% health left)

    You have plenty of anti air support, but again they can not do their thing if they have no one to tank for them.
    You might have to much anti air support though. there is minion horde, archers, spear goblins, musketeer and arrows.

    See what units you do not use that much, or have units that overlap certain roles and add units or spells you currently lack.

    (I would get rid of the archers in your deck and swap them with barbarians or a baby dragon. Oh and keep the spear goblins in there)

    That or you could give my current deck a try. Baby dragon. spear goblins, minions (the 3 mana one) arrows, barbarians, giant, musketeer, fireball. (fireball takes a while getting used to)

  • He doesn’t have baby dragon.

    I would also keep the spear gobs in, they are really good. Very cheap and counter minion horde if you drop em near tower.
    Ditch the archers imo.

    I would keep the minion horde, they eat barbs, giant skeletons, giants for breakfast.

    @ Zyler: If you run prince and hogrider, you kinda go for the counter attack, where you kill their troops with weaker and take a tower down when they dont have the essence to defend.

    That is how my deck works: Musketeers, goblin spears, baby drag, minion horde, prince, barb, tiny skeletons and arrows

  • The deck pictured above is what I have used to now reach 1350. Prior to 1200 I was using something different and kept straddling the 1200 line. Now I’m doing SLIGHTLY better.

    I use Prince and Hog as counter attacks. I let the other guy make the first move then I crush hard up one side.

    Minion horde is a must. Absolutely one of my best defense cards.

    I’m waiting until I have baby dragon to go a deck similar to Caldazar.

  • Some rares seem very elusive for people.. like i still do not have a witch or the more recent giant skeleton.

    Need to have patience I guess. At the same time you have people you face thinking damn wish I had a prince.

  • If I were to offer a deck critique, I might say drop the archers or spear goblins for the 1 elixir skeletons. Tough call maybe since the archers are higher level than the spear gobs. Then, I’d take that saved elixir and replace the bomber with a valkyrie. Valk’s do nice AOE, and can give you some more meat beyond your knight.

    Saving 1-2 elixir on one of your aerial counters for a tower push counter (skeletons), and then turning your bomber into the bomber+knight that is the recently buffed Valkyrie could be a solid move.

    Assuming you got some decent levels on the valkyrie and all. I wouldn’t bother if she’s still level 2.

  • I’m still compulsively changing my deck around, but here’s what has me sitting around 1300.

    I’d like to see my witch at level 2, but otherwise I feel this is as solid as I can get without skeleton army and baby dragon.

  • Do you find you get easily countered by AE, Keen? You have 5 greeble (technical term :p) cards, if you count Witch skeletons. I imagine you destroy decks without AE…

  • I absolutely demolish decks without AE. AE does indeed hurt badly, but I’m learning to bait it. For example, I send a few cheap groups of guys and their gut reaction is to arrow me. So I send a witch down the other lane to force them to do so because they have to counter the witch AND the horde of “greebles.” When they arrow the greebles I drop a skeleton right there and now I have a witch on one side (who I then reinforce) and a giant skeleton on the other. It almost always results in taking a tower.

  • Still having fun and I am at lvl 7 now.
    But I am slowly turning away from decks with 1 win condition.
    If your opponent has a good counter in his deck you get shut down to easy.

    I also like to change decks a lot so I get a good feel for all the troops and tactics.
    It is to easy to stay in your comfort zone with a deck that works, but does not teach you anything new.

  • I just thought of this: Epic Cards max out at level 8. It’s 82 cards to get to level 6! I don’t even know what 7 or 8 require, but I’m guessing 100 and then 200? How are people ever getting this? I have been playing about 4 games per day (to get chests and Crown Chest wins) and have a total of 6 Epic cards.

    Am I missing something? Or they spend hundreds of dollars?

  • There was an account that had all the legendary cards maxed out.
    People on reddit estimated that he or she spend around 50k $.

    There was a rumor that April 6 there will be a new patch that introduces 2 new troops.
    4 skeletons with shields and a flying magma like tank that on dead spawns small flyers.