It might be happening again…

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It might be happening again. You already know what it is. You knew before you even started reading. Yep, it’s true. I may once again be sucked back into WoW. Usually it’s because I’m following some expansion or wanting to jump in on the tail-end of one. Last year I played WoW for 3 months to experience 100% of everything there is to do in WoD outside of hardcore raiding. I had fun, but I quit because I was bored and alone.

This time my friends are trying to suck me back in. The two people who were least likely to return did so while I was offline for ONE DAY. I’m gone and suddenly the next day I get a text that reads …


That was two days ago. I held my ground for a bit, but their relentless, “Come play! Be our healer! Play a monk! You are the Dragon Warrior,” may have won me over.

I was already planning to return for Legion. I’m 100% all in for the melee Hunter idea. But Legion may not be for another six months. I imagine if I start playing now that I’ll quit before Legion even launches. I’m definitely not playing a Hunter in the interim. A Monk does sound fun. A healing Monk sounds great.

Maybe it’ll be good since I haven’t played on Fenris before. I should establish some sort of foundation there. All my junk is on Emerald Dream.

Have they started any of the Legion stuff yet? Any changes? I’m out of the loop.

  • No legion stuff yet and most people think the pre-patch wont be released until around when the movie comes out. So still have a few months. It’s not even in beta yet so could be later.

    You’ll either love or hate mistweaver monk because its so different from the other healers. That said I have no idea what it will be like in legion. I think they are removing fistweaving?

    Why Fenris? Shouldn’t most everyone still be established on emerald dream? I even still have the guild. Though not that it matters since everything except mythic raiding can be done cross-realm. Wonder how much longer before they put in cross-realm guilds or chat channels.

  • 1) I wanted to play Alliance instead of Horde.
    2) Yotor agreed to play Alliance but only if we played on a non-pvp server.
    3) I had some characters on Fenris, a normal server, which included a low level character named Damage. So I asked if we could play there so I could have my name without any European characters.

  • All of my stuff is on Emerald Dream. I do like having our long-standing guild. Those were my objections of Fenris. I do like the PvE server, though. Being on a pvp server was frustrating while playing WoD.

  • I haven’t had much trouble while leveling a fresh alliance character nor has it been an issue the last few 90-100 I’ve done, but I wont fault anyone for wanting to be on a PvE realm. Like I said most everything can be done cross realm these days. You could even make a new character on Emerald Dream and still level with Damage and Yotor on Fenris provided one of them creates the party.

  • I play on emerald dream alliance.. Not switching servers. I’ll come back for legion

  • I am playing Nostralius vanilla wow. I have a level 20 paladin. If anyone wants to play vanilla wow with me I’m down.

  • Doh too bad you’re not horde, wouldn’t mind doing some mythic dungeons with ya’ll.

  • This is why I can’t take seriously any prophesied imminent termination of the WoW franchise, even the guys who keep saying its days are numbered keep going back at the new content updates.

    The reason WoW won’t die is because you guys are keeping it alive! 🙂

    Have fun!

  • What a circular firing squad this game industry has devolved to, when only WoW and various versions of EQ classic can suck the hardcore back. Or an iPhone game. Not really the same thing. But if I was a developer working for a paycheck I’d head toward phones, because clearly nobody in the industry has a clue.

    It was always a Skinner box. That’s the only reason it worked. Smart/pleasure. Dumb stuff/pain. That’s why MUDs worked too. It’s really not rocket science but all the taxi scientists have left the industry.

  • I can’t fathom what would compel you to do this now. You are your own worst enemy.

  • Haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Enjoying more on my WIi U and PS4 along with Stardew Valley and EQ progression.

    I’ll go back for the new expansion. Maybe before. Still undecided.

  • I can neither confirm nor deny that I may have done this recently on a high population private vanilla server based in France, it’s quite possibly the best wow experience I’ve had in years..