EverQuest Upping EXP Rates for Progression Servers


Daybreak announced the details of the upcoming February EverQUest update. Most notably, experience rates are going to improve.

So, Experience Is Better?

Yes. After this patch, the overall experience gains on Phinigel, Ragefire, and Lockjaw will be better, while making leveling up via fueling Lokar To`Biath’s alcoholism or Xelha Nevagon’s coleoptericide less effective.

Ragefire and Lockjaw experience will still be slower than live servers, but faster than Phinigel.

The references to alcoholism and coleoptericide are for quest turn-ins. People have been amassing quest turn-in items and finding it’s faster to shoot up in levels by buying your way than playing your war. Clearly not in the spirit of EverQuest, unless we’re talking about belts.

I won’t complain about the increase to exp. Although I’m definitely not among the group who feels the exp is unplayably slow, I do wish I could get a little bit more progress each night in order to make my pre-kunark goals. I know one of my friends felt less inclined to log in because of the exp rates — that’s exactly the opposite experience Daybreak wants people to have, though it does make me curious to see their profit maximization calculations for potion sales vs the subscriber curve.

My fingers are crossed that this change will make finding a group easier. That’s really all I care about.

  • “Clearly not in the spirit of EverQuest, unless we’re talking about belts” – or rabid wolf pelts or putrid bear hides or damaged militia helms or gnoll scalps or bone chips…

    Stacked quest hand ins (although never actually hand them in stacked or you’ll be sorry) are so much in the spirit of original EQ you could reasonably call them a defining feature.

  • I was trying to be sarcastic. 🙂 Yeah, EQ’s questing for exp is built on the foundation of stackable, repeatable, quests.

    What’s broken though is that on these TLP servers the EXP was too high, and never adjusted to be in-line with the EXP curve for killing monsters. So what was left was a broken way to gain EXP.