Windows 10 Update Sound Stopped Working FIX

This is one of those tech tidbits I like to post as a PSA for our readers. The computers in my household all had a pretty major Windows 10 update today. Several annoying new Windowsy things were added like changing the default PDF reader to Edge (WTF, who wants that?) and adding new apps no one wants. What floored me, however, was when my sound wasn’t working.

Here’s how I fixed it:

Step 1: Right Click Sound Icon > Playback Devices


Step 2: Right Click Your Default Sound Device > Properties


Step 3: Advanced Tab > Raise or Lower Bitrate. Click Test.


You should have heard some audio come through, almost like it caught up to where it should have been. Go ahead and set your bitrate back to where you like it. I have mine on the default CD quality. Why this fix is necessary? I have no idea. That’s Windows for you.

  • You know it is shit like changing the default .pdf reader that keeps me from updating so many things. Perhaps I am stubborn but I like things the way I like them. Do I ever change, sure, but at my own pace! Perhaps I am just getting to be an old man but ask me if you want to change something, don’t just change it.

    Oh… and get off my lawn you damn kids!

  • It really rubbed me the wrong way by them making it their new “edge” reader thing. But at least that wasn’t necessarily breaking something. To have my audio just stop working pushed some buttons.

  • Still on Win7, but now get the annoying ‘free upgrade’ pop up every few days. Not going to happen MS, not until there is a solid gaming reason to move to 10.

  • Though not a solid reason per se, I did see a general improvement in boot times and load times across the board with Windows 10.

  • The main detractor for Windows 10 is that the windows update process is now completely out of your hands. Win 10 downloads it whenever it wants (unless you take a long time to finaggle and convince it you have bandwidth restrictions), and then also proceeds to SCHEDULE THE REBOOT whenever it wants.

    Good lord, give me back control of my system.

    Other than that, its a better version of Win7. And this is from a guy that railed hard against ever installing the “Tablet OS” Win8.

  • Every other update breaks the Start Menu, main taskbar and most windows keyboard shortcuts on my main desktop. Annoying as hell. One or three restarts fixes the issue most of the times, but I’ve spent 2 hours this morning fixing the issue. From what I get, it seems my user account has a corrupted Tile System Database. It’s fairly easy to fix, you need to copy the file from another user, but you lose all the customization of the Start menu. Fun times….not. That’s my only issue so far with Windows 10.