Crushbone Belts and Potions Galore


My friends and I are having a lot of fun on Phinigel server. We struggled getting from 1-4 which took entirely too long, but now we really found our stride once we went to Crushbone around level 5. We shot up in levels thanks to Crushbone’s high ZEM (zone experience modifier). Now we are quickly approaching level 10 thanks to not only great hunting experience but the quest turn-ins of Crushbone Belts and Legionnaire Shoulderpads.

As a Gnome Necromancer I had to get to dubious with the Dwarves of Kaladim before I could enter and turn in belts. As soon as that happened I gained almost an entire level from the turn-ins.


Cayden from the picture above decided to make a Paladin and burst leveled him up a bit with turn-ins as well. That makes our ‘regular’ group a Necro, Druid, Paladin, and Rogue. Pretty awesome setup if we can mix in another heals and enchanter, which we did today in Crushbone at the North Wall (see image above).

Pet aggro is much more manageable now. I wrote how mitigation and aggro were jacked up, but the aggro issue seems to only be with level 1 pets. The level 4 pet was fine for aggro, and the level 8 pet too. Grouping is no big deal. Pet still does good damage. The pet’s ability to tank, however, is awful. Looks like I’ll be fear kiting and/or grouping my entire way up rather than letting the pet just tank and me dot the mobs.

Overall we’re having a very good time laughing and socializing while we make our way through the levels. We also noted that there seem to be a lot more potions on this server. That’s no shock given Krono will be much less of a commodity on Phinny.

  • Star citizen at $100m now. None of my money thank god, but still the most interesting thing happening in this space. Will they just take the cash and buy an island and retire?

    The future of crowd funding could be at stake here. Rightfully so, probably.

  • I’ve stayed really far away from Star Citizen. I can’t say much about it, personally. I guess I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • Every necro pet in the base game is a Warrior class so you’d think they could tank but as far as I recall it isn’t until the ones you get in the 30s that they begin to do so reliably. Once Kunark arrives and ever after they come in a variety of classes so you have to pick and choose if you want a tanking pet.

  • I grouped with a Mage (first one I’ve ever seen on the server) last night and his pet was tanking fairly well, close to my memories and that of P99. I think they altered the lower levels drastically, for a reason I can’t fathom at this point, to make things much harder. I find at my level (12), things are pretty much the way I remember as far as difficulty.

  • There’s a real curve in place right now. It does seem to radically hinder early progression. I can’t help but believe it’s due largely to wanting to sell potions.

  • I have a higher level necro on live, and I always aggro kited, As long as pet dps is unaffected, I wouldn’t care too much. As for the potions, yeah, its like crack, they gotta get ya while you’re young and impressionable, after that, they’ve got you!