Minecraft Coming to Wii U Dec. 17

Minecraft on Wii U

Dust off ye olde Wii U boys and girls because there’s some pretty cool news officially announced today: Minecraft is coming to the Wii U on December 17! Minecraft will be available for download on the Nintendo eShop and come bundled with several add-ons. It will also feature off-screen play — obviously a huge plus for people like myself who love the gamepad.

Two interesting things to note here:

  1. Minecraft has been out for years, on numerous platforms, in varying versions, yet still remains one of the most top-of-mind games out there for kids (and adults). I went holiday shopping this past weekend and there were entire aisles of stores dedicated to Minecraft merchandise.
  2. The Wii U is by far the best platform to day for Minecraft, yet it’s the last to receive it. Microsoft owns Minecraft now, but has shown much (wise) interest in keeping the game’s (or brand at this point) exposure high. Will be interesting to note how the 3D tools they’re working on pan out.

While I may not go right out and purchase Minecraft on the Wii U, I’m still a fervent supporter of the console. I think that the Wii U, while not maintaining the library or necessarily the power of the PS4, holds experiences unique and awesome enough to warrant having the system. I have a few games headed my way this Christmas on the Wii U that I’m excited to play.

  • Never really got into Minecraft myself, but it always amazes me the legs this game has on it. I’d have figured people would be losing interest in it by now but here we are. Virtual Lego may be here for some time to come.

    • Apparently my phone likes the word Minecraft more than Microsoft.

      The freedom of being able to make something, in many instances see it come to life, and do so with friends is the equivalent of our LEGO. Look where LEGO is at now. It hasn’t gone anywhere, and neither will mc.

  • Never really played, and compared to mmo aging game graphics ( like eq ) they seem even worse. But heck MUDs didn’t even have graphics, and were fun.

    I don’t get the longevity of this one with kids though. Is it because it can be played better on mobile platforms? Of which I don’t think the Wii is one.

  • I might get this on the Wii-U depending on the price point, just for a different way to play, and it would be cool seeing it on the TV screen.

    At the same time, I tend to find vanilla minecraft somewhat lacking anymore (I normally play with mods and find myself missing machines, and even more so, microblocks and chisel2 blocks).

    Nice to see it coming to Wii-U though with it already being on xbox and playstation.