K&G’s Video Game Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2015

Video Game Holiday Buyers Guide 2015

Our Video Game Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2015 is now available! Every year we strive to highlight some of the best games to buy during the holiday season ranging from kid friendly titles all the way up to those games you should probably get for yourself. Most will be well-known titles, but we’ve slipped a few hidden gems in there we think you might enjoy.

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If you think we missed a game that should be on our list, or if you have any questions, please let us know. We will be adding to this list periodically in the coming weeks because a few additional games are releasing that we want to make sure we try before recommending — so check back often.

Have a great holiday shopping season!

  • future potential with mods etc for fallout 4 is massively larger for PC platform. Also, it is a shooter, putting a console as platform does the game as disservice. The port wasn’t great, but not that bad either

  • @Wonderwyrm: We recommend it on console. It was definitely a port, and the PS4 runs the game great with better visuals than the Xbox One. For the average gamer, Fallout 4 on the PS4 will be the ideal platform. You’ll have the niche that goes modded out for sure, but it’s a console game at heart and will sell more units on consoles than on PC. Keep in mind the game itself matters more than the platform we recommend — FO4 has been a magnificent game for both Graev and I. Graev has over 100 hours already invested, and I am coming up on 40 myself.

    @Rawblin: It’s not as bad as Skyrim was at launch, but close.

    @Caldazar: Will PC gamers be able to mod more? Yes, absolutely. How much more? Unknown. PS4 will have mods soon. As I mentioned to Wonderwyrm, the average gamer will not even mod Fallout. The average gamer who wants Fallout may not even have a good enough PC to care about the graphic difference. As far as shooters go, that’s entirely subjective. I used to hate them on consoles, but now I’m pretty good at them and actually enjoy them.

    For the moms and dads who read our blog (you know who you are) looking for the tips, always weigh your decision against what your kids/husbands/wives gaming behaviors tend to be. If they don’t spend a ton of time on the computer but love their PS4 then the call is easy to make.

  • @Keen: I am really not sure if you can make such blanket statements for the average gamer. SKyrim and the Fallout series are amongst, if not the, most modded games out there.
    That said, I can’t prove that your wrong, nor can you prove that I am wrong, so I suppose it doesn’t matter much. I just think the game is more limited on console than on pc, and what the average gamer does or does not prefer is not that relevant to that.

  • @Caldazar: Elder Scrolls and Fallout being some of the most modded series out there, and Skyrim/Fallout being played more on the console aren’t diametrically opposing arguments. It’s the same argument people have with Battlefield/CoD on PC vs. Consoles. You go to play on PC and there’s 200,000 people playing. Boot up the console and there’s 1.5 million. The PC players will say, “where are my dedicated servers?!” And while I agree that dedicated servers are so much better, and have been around for so long, it doesn’t change the fact that the games are made for consoles over PC. Know that I don’t disagree with you! 🙂

  • If you have both options, F4 on PC is the clear choice. The console version will never run much better than it does today (and today I don’t think it runs on Ultra at 60 FPS+), nor will it ever look significantly better or have major gameplay impacting changes (something like A Tale of Two Wastelands in F3/NV). My guess is there will also be significantly more restrictions on mods (no ‘mature’ mods, no questionable stuff like being able to kill children NPCs, etc).

    If PC isn’t an option, then sure, get the console version to play the (amazing) base game, but short and especially long-term, its the inferior version.

  • I think the definitive version comes down to your own circumstances. In my case, I got it on console because disc based sharing is better than steam sharing for me and my wife to both play it, and even on PC I prefer a gamepad. The game will be drastically better a year from now with mods, but I very rarely revisit single player games so that isn’t a factor.

  • Jenks is absolutely right. It comes down to personal preference on the platform. For me, I want a game that I can sit back and play on my big screen TV while sitting in my lazyboy. I like the feel of these types of games on consoles.

    If Mods are your thing and you’ll go back and play this thing again all modded out — AND you have a PC to play it on and like playing these big long RPGs on a PC — then go the PC version. Me? I’ll put in 100 hours and be done well before mods even become a thing, and I’ll have done it on my couch. That’s my setup.