First Look at John Smedley’s New Game

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We all knew Smed would be starting something new after parting ways with Daybreak/SOE. So what has he been working on? Thanks to a Periscope video, Smedley accidentally showed something they werent ready to share right on Bill Trost’s screen!


Ah ha! There it is! An isometric 2D RPG that looks remarkably like… oh wait, that’s Kakariko Village from A Link to the Past.


So really we’re not much closer to knowing what Smed and team are up to other than a few tidbits of generic fantasy in the form of wood elves, dwarves, and human concept art shown via Twitter. Personally, I hope it’s not an MMO… or the spiritual successor to SWG with zombies and battle royale. I’m not bitter. Not at all.

Any guesses on what this small team of industry vets is working on?

  • I’m going to guess its going to be primarily phone based, whatever it is. Or there is a slim chance he thinks he can pull in mad star citizen like money by making really cool Orc videos. If he wants to hire me, I would advise him the latter is a bad plan and stick to phones.