Disney Infinity: Toy Box Takeover Review

My Disney Infinity adventures continue, this time with a look at the Toy Box Takeover and Toy Box Speedway Expansion Games. These two mini-expansion add content onto the Toy Box mode of the game which, if you recall from my Disney Infinity review, is the area of the game where players can make their own houses, create their own games, and be or interact with all of the characters and props from Disney properties.


Toy Box Takeover

Take Box TakeoverToy Box Takeover is an isometric beat’em up adventure where you can take control of any of the character figures you have and play what reminds me of a Skylanders level. You’re roaming through trying to beat the bad guys, maybe solve a few minor basic puzzles, and collect items for use in your Toy Box.

Story is in somewhat short supply here, but Syndrome has stolen Merlins wand and used it to conjure up a few worlds. That… about sums it up. Your mission is to go and get it back and stop him from continuing to cause chaos.

This actually feels like it was built with the Toy Box  game making scripting tools, which is both encouraging to those who have lots of time on their hands and want to make a level, but also a little disappointing since that means there’s an element of simplicity at play. While you can certainly bash lots of bad guys, and the boss battles are fun, the overall gameplay and level designs are a little simple.

There are only 5 levels (6 if you count Merlin’s hub) and 6 unlockable toys with 2 unlockable sidekicks in each. All in, Toy Box Takeover has about 3-4 hours of gameplay, and no replayability. I do like how Graev and I were able to play co-op together, though. That always adds to the experience.

In my opinion, Toy Box Takeover is fun and nice to have if you’re a Toy Box completionist. Is it a must-have like the playsets? No, definitely not. It’s a fun little addition and way to extend your Disney Infinity adventures if you have an extra $19.99 burning a hole in your pocket.