Also Not Sure Whether or Not to Get Skylanders SuperChargers

We’re big Skylanders fans. We’ve played them all from day one. We even have week one footage of the original Skylanders launch on Youtube. The fanboy force is strong over here. We normally receive a review copy of Skylanders from Activision, but so far we haven’t received any SuperChargers. It got mailed late, right? It’s just lost in the mail and will be here any minute, right? Right? ::lower lip quivers sadly::

I posted last night about my dilemma over LEGO Dimensions. It’s expensive, it might just be another LEGO game, yada yada, but it’s LEGO and it has Gandalf and Doctor Who and who am I kidding I want it.  The same dilemma exists over Skylanders SuperChargers.

Skylanders Superchargers Action Pack Skylanders Starter Pack = $75.00

Vehicles: $15 each (I’d want a couple)

Skylanders: $13 each  (I’d want a couple)

Sea Racing Action Pack: $35 (New tracks like a Mario Kart circuit, a vehicle, and a Skylander)

There are also “Dual Packs” with a character and a vehicle coming in around MSRP $25 but those have a release date in October. As always, Skylanders are releasing in waves. Wave 1 will have like 4-6 characters and vehicles, wave 2 adds more, etc.

Predicament: Skylanders Wii U vs. PS4 (or Xbox One)

SuperChargers Wii U

SuperChargers on Wii U allows you to play Bowser and Donkey Kong Skylanders which are ALSO Amiibo! Are you freaking kidding me. Genius and insidious in all the right ways. The Wii U version of the Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack comes with Donkey Kong, and the 3DS version comes with Bowers. The Hybrid Amiibo/Skylanders do not work on PS4 or Xbox One, so that’s a huge swing to the Wii U side of the fence.

There’s this question as to whether or not the Wii U version looks inferior, but from all of the videos I’ve watched I can’t tell a difference. Anyone out there have a comparison video or own a Wii U copy and see a huge difference?

SuperChargers Has Online Co-op and Racing

Here’s where this gets even harder for me. Skylanders SuperChargers introduces a new mode for racing vehicles that is very similar to Mario Kart; Oh, it’s also online competitive play. Awesome. They also have online (and couch) adventure mode co-op (play the story with friends) which is … yeah, that’s awesome too. Graev and I could play together which is always a HUGE plus for us.

To Skylanders or Not to Skylanders

When all is said and done, I’m probably sitting at (including tax) $180 of Skylanders Superchargers stuff that I want. Whew… But it has multiplayer co-op for the story and competitive racing.  The struggle is real on this one. Have any of our readers out there already bought Skylanders Superchargers? I know some of you have “kids” who like to play. Wink. wink.

  • I’m sure this game is great. But doesn’t it say a lot about the state of mmos if you haven’t mentioned them in 2 weeks? Or maybe your tastes are just leaning a different way. Which is fair. I don’t blame you for that. But I guess you know your blog readers mostly got here from mmos in their various forms.

    I may never play another mmo again, but I saw a flyover video of bless today that made me almost want to. I know we are all burned out from their lying over promising but occasionally they can fool me for a few hours.

  • @Baa Baa Black Sheep: There’s only one MMO I’m playing casually right now and that’s WoW. In fact, as I write this I’m exporting a video I’ve done to showcase my Garrison and some of the things I’m finding enjoyable.

    MMOs are in really, really rough shape right now. Most of them simply are not fun at all. I can find so much more enjoyment in a game like Disney Infinity or Skylanders than I can from just about any MMO out there.

    Believe it or not, most of our traffic is for non-MMO related games. Most of our comments are from MMO players. It’s indicative of the generation and the type of person who will go to a website and interact.

    Ultimately, we write about what we want to write about. That has always been our mantra. Very little will ever be done by me simply to cater to a demographic. Fear not, there WILL be MMO coverage coming your way! Several decent titles on the horizon. 🙂