Introducing ‘Keen Plays’

I mentioned a while back that I would start to introduce more video content here on the blog to enhance, augment, or extend our gaming coverage. I’m pleased to say that I finally have things ironed out enough that I can start making these videos somewhat regularly. My first foray into video coverage will be in the form of “Keen Plays.”

As you might have guessed, these are my own personal take on the “Let’s Play” video style. Keen Plays will essentially be video coverage of me playing the games. I might use them to introduce or do an overview of a game to go along with one of my reviews, or simply record what I’m playing that day with a microphone going in the background. I want these to be less ‘produced’ and more ‘Hey guys, I’m playing a game so come watch.”

Video production is still very new to me. I have some tools like Sony Vegas HD and Adobe Premiere Pro. I have a Live Gamer HD Portable that I use to record consoles, and I’m using OBS Broadcaster or simply Windows 10’s new Game DVR to record PC stuff. So far recording is really easy, and I can do it all in 1080p 60FPS. Where I struggle is post production, but I’ll get there eventually. Since I’m not doing this to garner 100,000’s of views and make a living, I feel like as long as my videos enhance the blog coverage then I have met my goal.

The two Keen Plays series up so far are Disney Infinity 3.0 and Super Mario Maker. I’ll go ahead and link the playlists below.

Super Mario Maker

Disney Infinity 3.0

If you looking to stay current on all of my Keen Plays videos you can visit the Keen Plays page, or visit the Keen and Graev Youtube Page where you’ll find all of our videos. Oh, and let me clarify that Keen Plays are just one of several types of videos we’ll be doing. I’m going to try my hand at formal video reviews for games (to go along with my written reviews and essentially be the same content but with video), as well as other video coverage. We’ll see how it goes, but for now Keen Plays are the for sure thing.

I hope you enjoy!

  • Disney video is looking good. Tehcnical production is almost flawless and I believe we’ve got enough to get a general idea of the game which was the main objective. I would have cut down the intro video by a lot though.

    As for the game itself, it seems interesting and well made. I still can’t get past the need of having all these figures, but that’s a matter of personnal preferences more than a flaw with the game.

  • Thanks for thinking the production quality is high! The intro was a one time thing for the first video to give the overview of the game. The second video doesn’t have an intro. The third video I’m uploading tomorrow will have a mini outro of sorts. Testing that out so we’ll see how it goes.

  • Absolutely going to be a regular feature for the MMOs I play. I’m most likely going to start it up in WoW soon since it’s the only MMO that I play right now, but will be definitely do it with all MMOs — especially new ones. Heck, videos are sorta how the blog took off to begin with in Age of Conan and WAR.