Prison Server… ::Facepalm::

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This one wreaks of a PR stunt that five people came up with in the conference room on their lunch breaks. A prison server? Really?

We get told all the time how operating servers costs this company so much money.  We have to fight tooth and nail for a server PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY ON, and they create one to house cheaters and rule breakers. Makes sense.

“Drunder will get no customer service support and it will require a maintained membership to access and play.”

So… just like the live servers?

This is a server our Customer Service Game Masters have requested over the years in order to manage disruptive players. They will determine who goes there.

“Unlimited Power!” – Palpatine The one CSR left after the great purge.

…players can use our /petition system and ask to join Drunder.

So in order to alleviate the CSRs of their hefty work load, we allow people to petition to join a server that exists to punish the bad people. Yep that sums it up.

  • Hilarious. They will have to come up with some very strict black and white rules of what can cause this banishment. Too much is at their whim and a lot of times have been wrong. Like a married couple both playing from the same IP address and they got a ban for expected botting. What if a dev does not like a forum post? There is no good way they can pull this off.

  • Their community management team already moderates the forums like it’s the wild west. Shoot first ask questions later. Now they can banish you to Azkaban for simply being a troll.

  • I personally think it is a brilliant idea. Its a company that is taking a bold step to deduce its operational costs. Sure they are having to “add” a server. (They probably get a discount if the add one). They will net a cost savings through exiling patrons to a non-customer service side server. Better than banning accounts as they still get paid for the subscription as long as it remains active.

    Honestly I think its a pretty good idea from a business standpoint. Not sure how effective it would scale to say WoWs size but that would be interesting to see.

    As a player, it shouldn’t impact you much if you are playing by the rules. If you aren’t playing by the rules then you should be scared/happy cause now you don’t have to fear being banned and losing your ill be gotten gains via cheats/exploits but instead you’ll be in a world where all that gold is meaningless, a little hell within itself.

  • I say force them to buy another account, rebuy all their F2P cash shop stuff, etc. If they are going to cheat they’ll just do it again.

  • SoE did have their own “No Rules” server at one point in time. The only difference is they never had the nerve to banish anyone to it. That was Sullon Zek. If I remember right it was truly anything goes even exploits were fair game. They did make one exception for Fansy the bard but well… that’s a different story.

    SoE’s big mistake was allowing it to exist and then being forced to merge it into the other Zek servers. All of a sudden Zek had a huge influx of people who just wanted to grief, cheat, and do whatever. The same thing will happen. Drunder won’t sustain itself. It’ll have to be merged into other servers once the experiment eventually fails. Which server would like an influx of cheating griefers?