Lasted 2 Years, 2 Months, 3 Days, and 49 Minutes

WoD-Free-Trial… Before truly considering a return to WoW. Yeah, I was tempted when WoD came out. Yeah, I was tempted last week when Legion was announced. The temptation to return didn’t really sink in until tonight when I was sitting here with nothing on the PC striking my interest, my friends were all offline, and the TV was occupied. I suddenly realized, WTF is there to do? I need a MMO!

The K&G Community hasn’t made the temptation any easier.  Several still play, and the general consensus is that WoD is fun to level through. I’m not a raider anymore. I’m not interested in anything beyond seeing the dungeons. I would like to try the Garrison stuff, and you guys know me… I’m into that Farmville style house maintenance crap. I don’t know why, but I like it.

I installed the game tonight. Blizzard offered me a free ten day trial and I took it. Logging in tonight was a mixture of absolute confusion (I mean seriously 2 years), feeling a little dirty, and a twinge (just a little bit) of glee.

I’m confused about what to do, where to go, how to get started. I don’t know what class I want to play. I have characters across half a dozen servers and I want to find out where a couple of friends are playing.  Where are my peeps at? (Is that how they speak in WoW still?)

You’ll recall I want to play a Melee Hunter in Legion. If I get WoD and have a 90 Boost should I use it on a hunter? I want to play one for sure. Maybe save the 100 Boost for an alt when Legion comes out?

Anyway, I have 9 days and 22 hours to decide what to do. Your input and ridicule are welcome.

Edit: I guess I have enough gold to buy several months of free play time with Tokens.

  • Like a hooker this will provide a short term thrill, but after that rush wears off you’ll be filled with regret and a burning sensation every time you pee.

    I’ve been here and done this. If you’re having fun more power to you, but I reckon it’s a short ride. No harm in that though it’s better than playing nothing which is where I’ve been at with gaming for the last couple weeks.

  • What I didn’t mention (just edited it in) was that I also have enough gold for almost 3 months of play time with Tokens. That makes it much more palatable.

    Yes, it would probably be 1-2 month ride then I would quit until Legion; Another 1-3 month ride then quit again. That’s WoW.

    What really started convincing me was looking at 2015’s MMO releases. OH WAIT… there aren’t any…

  • The last free WoW trial I tried convinced me not to come back.

    All the feeling of achievement I had in vanilla slowly leveling and working to get my first gold piece was missing as I had tons of gold and was at level 20 on the first day.

    WoW felt like a WoW knock off to me.

  • I can’t see the cost of subbing would be an issue. It’s an absolutely trivial expenditure for a working adult. We spend more on ice cream in a week in summer than a month’s WoW. The only question is time. Would you have time to play?

    As for the gameplay I have no idea what people are talking about when they say it’s too fast. It seems the same as it was five years ago to me. Of course, I just use the gear that I get from quests or drops and I don’t have any heirlooms or other form of XP bonus. A level takes 1-2 hours in the free sub-20 trial which seems about right. I find it difficult to imagine that gets faster.

    I’m still toying with re-subbing but right now i have too many other MMO projects on the go. Your comments on there being nothing new coming out this year seem to come from an alternate universe – my problem is having to go to work and not having the time to explore them all as fully as I’d like. I’ll probably leave WoW until Legion and that’s assuming I somehow have time for it then, which isn’t really all that likely.

  • When Legion comes out the 90 boost will become a 100 boost. So the question becomes whether or not you want to play through WoD on a hunter before he gets to be melee in Legion.

    I’ve been leveling an undead demonology warlock the past while and just hit 55. Like survival hunters, they will be getting a large redesign for Legion and I do not know if I will keep the character or reroll to level through the redesign. As much as I would want to play the Legion content, I love watching a spec come together in the leveling process to the point where as much as I could just swap to the affliction or destruction spec, I am more likely to make an entire new character because of it.

  • Hey Keen, I was just looking at doing the same thing you are. I would love to start again and level up with some buddies. Let me know what server your on and I will make a character to join ya. I was thinking about a DK, Pally, or lock.

  • I am in the same boat keen. Looking at my PC wondering what to play until november (XCOM 2 is the next big game I’m looking forward to) and just screwing around wasting time with hearthstone and diablo 3, and staring at WoW on the launcher debating whether or not to go back.

    I always had fun leveling, first time through an expansion at the least, some expansions more than others. When WoD came out I debated on buying it because all the revealed stuff the going back in time to visit places from the lore had me wanting to, just for the story. I see-sawed on it until another game caught my attention, but find myself wanting to grab it and play through it at least once just to get to.

    I know with the lore involved in legion I will have to go back. The expansions that draw heavily from the lore always seem to be the ones that I enjoy the most as well. I loved BC and WotLK, but skipped cataclysm completely and only started in MoP because a couple friends were restarting and I started with them, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much because the lore wasn’t warcraft lore. With Legion now coming out, being another old warcraft lore tie in expansion, and WoD doing the same, I am struggling with the decision whether to play through WoD now.

    I know I will enjoy the leveling part but get frustrated when I hit the cap on a character and hit a wall that I can’t get past without raiding. I hate not being able to get those achievements, not to mention it reminds me that I enjoy raiding and just can never seem to find a decent guild anymore as all the people I use to play with have left. This is where I differ from you, in that I do want to raid, but casually and only a couple nights a week which always seems to be a problem the guild I join either aren’t interested in raiding at all, or a bit too hardcore.

    So right now I am trying to figure out if I will be able to get the 50 hours out of the game I need to justify the $50 I am spending on it through leveling my pre-existing lvl 90’s and whatever I decide to boost… or not.

    Plus, like with you, I enjoy farmville style stuff as well and so garrisons sound really cool.

  • no… Stay away from the light. ArcheAge is my Farmville House maintenance crap. unfortunately I’m on the server that’s going to be merge and loosing all my home going to make me quit. (Trion & XLgames might be the worst Publisher/Dev… even more than Craptic & FailCom)

    I’m looking to either go back to GW2, SWTOR, or try Skyforge or wait for Blade and Soul. Maybe occupy my time with FallOut Shelter (That’s finally out on Android)

    Black Desert Online is my savior.. maybe. nothing else out there right now.

  • Nah it won’t end badly. It’ll just end the same way it always does. WoW isn’t a bad game while leveling (other than being all theme-parky and quest driven, but if anyone is going to play a quest-driven themepark then WoW is the game to play). Once you’re done leveling, the game lasts at most a couple of weeks. At that point, it becomes a job.

  • It doesn’t even feel like a job to me anymore, even when I was involved in mythic raiding. But it just feels so pointless, now with so many “tiers” you are getting the EXACT same gear 3 times just with higher numbers, the whole point is to just put out higher healing/higher dmg/take less dmg.

    Its way less interesting now to get an epic/upgrade. That is the biggest thing from vanilla/TBC that I miss. You could set out and say “I am going to work hard to get this item” and eventually get it and it felt worthwhile. Now its just im going to spam some dungeons/do my dailies/weeklys and if something drops that looks like an upgrade then good for me.

  • I think the difference is that before transmog you HAD to raid or pvp to get the good looking gear and now there’s 10 years worth of art assets you can wear in whatever combination you want. But I bet there’s no one that would say transmog is a bad thing.

  • I’m still confused by the whole loot system in WoD. Can someone explain it to me here, or hop on ventrilo and help me understand how dungeons and raid loot works?

  • I have no idea. But I suspect transmog means you can make a Hyundai look like a Ferrari. And then nobody has to really try that hard any more. So nobody does. In real life under this system you all go a little hungry and your country doesn’t do well. In a mmorpg people just get bored and stop playing. Risk/reward. I’m amazed these devs are so stupid.

  • Hi Keen,

    So loot by default works on a “personal” level now. By that it means your chance of getting loot from a boss is separate from my chance of getting loot from a boss. Loot will always be a match for your current spec and class. Now, you can right click your portrait to change what spec loot drops for. Say you’ve already got your DPS set but want healer gear, it’s a way to build up that set without switching to healer spec in no gear. Less loot drops overall, but any loot that does drop is useful.

    It is important to note that the group master can set the loot mode to the classic way. More loot will drop, but maybe no one can use it.

    Gear in raiding also have ‘upgrade chances’, meaning you may find the same piece of gear again later, only maybe it has a gem slot, maybe it has tertiary stats, maybe it’s “warforged” (a few item levels higher). This removes ‘Best in Slot’ which while disappointing for some, means when a boss is on farm mode, a piece of gear with an upgrade may still be better for you rather than being ‘done’ with a boss’s drops.

    I don’t raid though, I’m a battleground man myself and just tend to wear honor gear,

  • I won’t raid much at all, and I definitely won’t PvP, but these changes sound amazing. I think individualized loot in a themepark is a great idea.