D&D Group Looking for Players

community-dndOur community is creating a Dungeons & Dragons group! We will be playing on Sundays at 5pm central time (3pm pacific/6pm eastern). The group currently has a DM, Gnome Bard (Me!), and a Dwarf Wizard — we’d like to hopefully find 2-3 more players.

We are starting our first game this coming Sunday (4/26) and hope to get our characters rolled and maybe the first encounter created.

We’re using Roll20.net to play and will be using 5th Edition ruleset. Since we’re doing this all online, we ask that you please have a microphone. A web cam is optional, and some of us will be using one.

If you’re interested, please visit our new Tabletop Games forum or post here. If we can’t get more players this week, we will officially start the first week in May. I look forward to hopefully playing with some of you.

  • I’m supportive of your efforts and sad that nobody replied. I’d join myself but my only experience was a few weeks with a couple of 14 year olds and some graph paper. I’m sure, in hindsight, we were doing it wrong. But it hooked me on mmos about a decade later.

    And, you are screwing with game of thrones here on the east coast. Hah.

  • Thankfully we had a few responses on the forums. All turned out well! We had a game of 5 going and made it through character creation. I lasted about 3 hours and a couple are still going strong at 5 hours in haha.

  • I would love this. Problem is having an 8 month year old that just refuses to set up her schedule around long gaming sessions.

  • I wish I could have jumped in on this, I miss D&D but just find it hard to schedule a long enough time. Funny enough I found it easier when you would go to someones house or meet up in person that finding the time to do it online.

    Good luck with your game anyhow.

  • Time constraints are something I definitely understand. Took us several months of scheduling to finally be able to make it happen. Ultimately, we had to settle on the fact that our sessions might be shorter than we like and at a time that isn’t convenient for everyone.

    I think we’re in a good place now, though, with 4 players + DM.

  • HEY! That’s crazy, some friends and I just found this program last week. I’ve been building up the character sheets for them and making macros for 4e (don’t want to switch out to 5 yet, as we are in the middle of a campaign)
    If you’re still doing this, let me know. Might pop in and check out how 5 works.

  • How are the 5E rules by the way? Haven’t had a chance to look at them yet, are they similar to 4E? I know I prefer 3.5 to 4.

  • I mostly played a lot of 3 and 3.5, but so far 5E looks good to me. 5E made Bards a lot better which makes me happy, and simplified a lot of things (that I think may have been as simple in 4E).

    Having only made characters and starting out on our quest this Sunday, my limited experience with 5E (character creation) has thus far been great. Much more straight forward than 3.5.

  • That part is good, though my hope is it didn’t oversimplify things (which was my main problem with 4E).