Keen’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015


Star Wars Battlefront

Uh… need I say more? It’s friggin Battlefront. It’s like Star Wars meets Battlefield. The original Battlefront games were quite fun, and with the advances in today’s shooters I’m excited to see what they come up with. I can see myself flying a snow speeder and roping some walkers. Want. Now.

The Legend of Zelda Open World

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Greav has always been the diehard Zelda fan, but I’ve always enjoyed the franchise. The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is going to be my first real purchase of my very own Zelda game where I plan to sit and play through it all. The reason why is because of the change of pace. Nintendo is going with more of a larger open world similar to what we find in western RPGs like Elder Scrolls games.

Little else is known about the game except that there are going to be lots of side missions. Miyamoto has stated that he expects players will even forget what their main goal is due to being lost in how much side stuff there is to do throughout the world.

No Man’s Sky

Every galaxy, planet, mountain, creature, and pixel is procedurally generated. Everything is explorable. Fly from one planet and seamlessly enter the atmosphere and fly into space and land on the next. The video below will do more justice than I can showcasing what this sci-fi survival and exploration game will be like.

Honorable Mentions

  • Star Fox (Wii U) – Nice change of pace for Nintendo to focus on a game we haven’t really seen too much of in the last 10 years.
  • Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Huge and dangerous open world.

What’s on your list?

  • My problem with the previous Battlefront titles was that once you got over the high of being dressed as an imperial storm trooper and blasting ewoks (that might have been just SWBF2), the games ended up being just fair-to-middling entries in the FPS genre. Not bad, but if they were not dressed up in Star Wars gear I am not sure they would be worth a mention or a sequel.

    My own wishlist is somewhat barren. I have some titles from last year I am waiting to go on sale, but I spent most of my time in 2014 playing really old games… or in the case of Total War: Rome II and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, remakes of old games. I suspect 2015 will continue on that trajectory unless something special comes up.

  • I’m getting Broken Sword V for Christmas (yes, it’ll be a late present. Amazon turned out to be out of stock). That’ll be the first offline game I’ve played since the first Dragon Age Origins (which I didn’t finish). That’s form 2013 so it pretty much counts as new in my world.

  • I will get Battlefront but I just don’t know how much I will play it. That being said my favorite games of the prior year were for the most part surprises like This War of Mine, Lords of Xulima and Divinity: Original Sin (though the last was not a big surprise)

  • No Man’s Sky should be good. I am not personally a fan of the art style, but I’m expecting the game to be good enough for me to see beyond that.

  • I am curious to see what no man’s sky will turn out to be.

    “all aboard the hype train” Chooo chooooo.

  • I’ve watched a couple of No Man’s Sky videos and I still haven’t figured out what’s in the game. Environments are beautiful and unique, you can roam freely, I get that, but what’s beyond these two principles ? Is it exploration for the sake of exploration ?

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II was the first shooter I played really deeply. Due to nostalgia I recall it being a terrific gaming experience, but looking back on it now we have to acknowledge the game itself was pretty mediocre (I played tf2 some years later and what an eye opener THAT was). I have a bad feeling that the newest battlefront will be the standard battlefield/CoD forumla in star wars clothing.

    I’m looking forward to Everquest Next, hopefully we will see some sort of beta or alpha in 2015?

  • At this point there are no games that I’m excited to play. I feel like I have more games than ever and less time to play them than ever before.

    There are some board games that I am interested including a Pandemic Legacy that should be coming out “Soon”. I’m also interested to see what the future season of Diablo 3 look like. At this point it looks disappointing for season 2, but hopefully we’ll see some good changes for season 3.

  • Is Batman:Arkham Knight coming out this year? I know it has had some delays. Love those games.

  • Sad the only really fun game I played this year was Battleheart Legacy. Everything else just yawn.

  • No Man’s Sky is going to be a let down. Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen have been developing for years, and they offer something very similar already. I can’t imagine it’s going to even compete on an epic scale….unless we are talking about console gamers. In that case, the PC gamers don’t really care.

  • @Snark: Star Citizen won’t be out in 2015, at least not the open world version. We might get the single player version by then.

    Also have you played Elite Dangerous? It is very bare bones at the moment. Not a lot you can actually do besides make money and buy bigger ships. Can’t land on planets, can’t board ships, some people can’t even talk to others. The influence background system is broken at the moment and many systems has the influence of factions frozen. So it’s not in a great place right now but it MIGHT be by the time no man’s sky comes out. If no man’s sky has a lot of features and an actual story or some kind of goals in it on release it could easily do very well.