Goals for 2015

Every year I come up with predictions and try to set lofty goals for the coming year. This year I’m doing something a little bit different. There won’t be realistic or even tongue-in-cheek predictions. There won’t be unrealistic expectations placed upon my goals, or even a long list of goals to look back on. I’m going to keep it simple.

Goals for the Blog

Even when the coming industry lets me down and there isn’t a game in sight, KeenAndGraev.com provides me a place to discuss games and feel like I am still attached to gaming. We have great discussions, debates, and even the occasional productive argument. We’re not a news site. We don’t keep you up to date on the latest layoffs or trailer releases. We write stream-of-thought reviews, theorycraft, muse on gaming ideals, reminisce about the past, and create a place where actual thoughts from actual gamers collect.

I let myself down in 2014. I didn’t give the blog the attention I wanted. Here are my goals for 2015 to fix that.

  • Write More - Being busy is one thing. I won’t always have time to write. But when I don’t write simply because I have nothing to say or I’m not playing a game… I feel like I can do better in that area. I have plenty to say.
  • Write About What I do In-game – I used to be great at this style of blogging back when I was really invested in particular MMOs. I’d write adventure logs about what I did that day in the game, and I think this provides great insights into how games can be enjoyed by someone who is actually playing them. Bhagpuss and Wilhelm, fellow bloggers, do a great job at this.
  • Increase our Coverage – I know that Graev and I have already created one of the most comprehensive blogs of our kind out there. Few, if any, other blogs rival our comprehensive coverage on all types of games. I want to do even better. I value the opinions of others before I purchase a product. That’s why I love Amazon. I have a site here that is capable of being a unique resource for gamers who can use our opinions as a metric to determine if they’d like a game. This also ties in to my second goal. We should be reviewing everything we play instead of not even half.

Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog will be tackling 2015 head on and remain one of the best gaming blogs on the internet. Why? First, you’re reading; seriously, that’s huge.  Second, we love what we do. We love games. We’ll grow in 2015. We’ll reach new and wider audiences. I have big plans for how we’ll represent when Camelot Unchained launch. I have a lot of work to do.

Goals for Gaming

I’d like to say that I have a goal to find that MMO I’ll stick with all year. I promised myself I wouldn’t set unrealistic goals, and besides this isn’t one of those silly prediction posts… an MMO to stick with for a year? in 2015? Ahahaha.

  • Continue to Diversify – This was a goal I had for 2014, and I sorta sucked at it. I want to continue to reach out and touch all corners of gaming: Console(s), PC, Mobile, and everything from big name to indie. I’ve started 2015 off right by enhancing my mobile portfiolio. There are several games on phones worth playing. I’ll let you know which are worth checking out.
  • Post More On Game Forums – Around 2004 to 2008 I did nothing but post on gaming forums. I was a moderator on IGN’s Vault Network boards. I actively posted on half a dozen MMO forums. Forums are a HUGE part of MMO communities, and I want to rekindle my involvement. I plan to post a lot more on Camelot Unchained’s forums and make myself known. Soon I will also be posting more on EQ Next’s forums. This will make my attachment to the games stronger.
  • Finish What I Start – Whew. This is a tough one. I start lots of games and many (sigh… perhaps most) I never finish. I think I started Dragon Age Origins 5 times and went 15 hours into each play-through and never beat it. I haven’t finished a Pokemon game in years despite investing dozens of hours into them. If I start a game in 2015 I plan to finish it.

We potentially have a good year ahead of us. Lots of big titles for consoles and PC are coming. MMOs might suck, but we can weather that storm together. We might even enact some change!

Feel free to share your thoughts on my goals or even discuss some of your own.

  • Funny you mentioned Dragon Age Origins as I have started playing it again. I haven’t every finished it either. I decided to do straight play through from it, DA2 and DA3.

    I haven’t really seen you guys write too much on your thoughts about Steam’s Early Access program, would be interested to see what you guys think about it and what your experiences have been. Mine have been rather varied over the last years. Been burnt on a few and other’s have turned out better than expected.

  • Thanks for the nod! You send me more traffic than anyone but Google so I have a vested interest in your continuing success!

    Anyway, you have a good excuse. It’s not every year you get engaged (let’s hope!). I get the feeling 2015 could be a bit of a fallow year for MMOs anyway. Save your energy for 2016 – that could be a big one.

  • How do you find gaming forums today, compared to 2004-08? I spend a lot of time on them myself and find them more and more depressing every year.

  • No goal to get Graev to post more? Kinda surprised you haven’t changed the site name to Keenandkeen.com lol.

    Anyways, when he does post, I actually enjoy reading his reviews (the ones that don’t seem rushed, like you’ve forced him hah).

    The site just doesn’t seem as lively without two contributors, if I’m being honest, and I find myself checking in less often.

  • @SG77: I’m working on getting Graev to post more. He has been occupied lately with stuff. Hopefully picks back up soon for him! 2015 could be a good Graev year seeing as how 2014 was the year Graev posted he most.

    @Carson: Depressing for sure but some specific forums like those for CU and EQ Next could be really good.

    @Tristan: thanks!

  • @SG77: Graev’s contributions are plenty in my book. It’s natural for a blogging pair to be imbalanced, with one providing the constant stream of posts and the other popping in when they have something to say every few weeks. For instance, Marginal Revolution works that way and I don’t think anyone begs Alex Tabarrok to post more often.

  • I’ll also add that Graev contributes to a huge part of the idea generation. He and I come up with ideas and discuss them together. We’ve spent hours discussing why a certain element of a game is one way or why the industry is doing this or that. I then take those conversations and turn them into posts.