Why I’m Not Playing Warlords of Draenor

I’m proud of myself. A WoW expansion is coming out and I’m not going to jump right in and play again. Every time an expansion comes out I think, “Ooooh! I love Warcraft and the world and the story and it’s all so awesome!” Then I play and that magical illusion I create in my mind dissolves quickly. My thoughts turn away from Orcs vs. Humans and glorious cutscenes and imagining epic adventures. I start thinking, “Time to log in and get that loot. What’s my gear score?” My immersion is shattered and I quit a month later.

I’m going to avoid shattering my illusion this time and pretend everything is just as I imagine.

Speaking of Warcraft and fond memories, have you checked out Blizzard’s Looking for Group documentary? It’s an hour long but worth watching. They start right off by giving all the right props to UO and EQ for inspiring them to stop their current projects and go the route of an MMO.

My memories of WoW will always be better than what I’m actually thinking while I play the game. Realizing that, I can honestly say I love World of Warcraft. I just don’t love playing it.

  • Nooo… join us… join us!

    I get what you’re saying. My expectations for Cataclysm were so high that it physically hurt when they were shattered. Since then I’ve come back and just concentrated on doing little things that I enjoy, letting the experience wash over me, having some fun with the old group, and generally just letting it happen.

  • I am giving it one last go. Considering I have 10 level 90s and a level 60 to boost, I am going to at least get one to 100 before taking a long break. I usually start nearer the next expansion. I did have fun one Timeless Isle and got nice gear for all my alts.

  • I’m trying to fight the hype but I’m loosing. Problem I face is that I wouldn’t have a big group of players to go back to.

  • @Yotor: That is why I am not going back. The most fun I had in WoW was in WotLK when I ended up finding a great guild I had fun with.

    Tried to go back in both Cata and MoP after the guild broke up… and never had as much fun. I’ve found WoW is a lot better when it’s played as a social game. I really like a lot of the stuff from warlords, and the lore junky in me wants to go back to see all those cool warcraft 2 guys in remastered glory but… I know it won’t keep my attention longer than it takes to get one character to 100 because end game is really boring without a group of people to keep you company.

  • I started WoW a little later since I played EQ2 first and it took me about year to jump ship from that. Over the last 9 years I have been subbed probably 75% of the time to WoW while being active in it maybe 80% of that time.

    It’s not perfect, but it is the game I keep going back to. Its the game I can get my friends interested in coming back to and I always enjoy my time with it. Granted, I have gotten burnt out or bored with it from time to time, but no other MMO has come even close to keeping me interested as long as WoW has.

    I don’t know if I will ever feel as invested in a game as I do with WoW. I’ve been playing my main character off and on for 9 years and so he feels like a true alter ego in some ways.

  • Smart move Keen. I bet 50% of people going back wont last more than a month.

    So many better games to play out there.

  • Honestly, I think every WoW expansion is pretty great fun when you just think of it as a three monther. Go in with those expectations and it is definitely worth it. This one in particular seems to be looking great in general, regardless of how good or bad level capped content is.


    I play games at least 2-3x a week.

    But to be completely honest I would totally cave to peer pressure and buy it if I wasn’t so busy. I still might cave.

    P.S. This Friday I’m on games all afternoon until I pass out at midnight.

  • Age of the player has a TON to do with the game. Being an “older” gamer in general this is part of my daily routine. Married, kids grown up…I find the guild and people I play with are almost like family. So this is my Facebook as you might say. I can understand getting bored, that’s way you roll another toon….believe me I know, currently have 12-level 90’s and started all the allies just to feel that side of the game. Long live WOW and For the HORDE…..I have no tattoos…but if I did, it would be the Horde symbol =)

  • My physical box arrived on launch day and it was all pre-patched so all I had to do was enter the code and wait 30 mins for it to properly activate.

    The instanced story-based starting zone was great. I was feeling good because I waited months to bother with Kung-Fu Pandas in the Mist and had been worried about diving in on day 1 with a new 6-month Sub.

    Then, the moment I stepped into the first zone proper the performance and experience just collapsed. My personal Garrison was hastily erected in the hopes that I could seek refuge from the lag and the hordes of other players – only to discover that the Phasing was not working, so EVERYONE was in each other’s Garrisons.

    There’s queues approaching 3K on my Server and it’s unplayable once I get in so I’ve basically given up for a few days. And this is an EU Server by the way, so not directly affected by the DDoS I believe.

    If you do want to take a look, don’t bother yet.

  • I had a long wait to get in, but otherwise did not experience any other issues. I realize that was not everyone’s experience, but it hopefully after the maintenance today most issues will be resolved.

  • Current state of the servers is spectacularly dire.

    But what I’ve been able to experience of Draenor so far is fantastic, definitely the best early experience of any WoW expansion yet.

  • Baring burning crusade, its the best xpac yet. You cannot blame the lag issues on Blizzard. The garrisons, while a simple take on Facebook “energy” based games, are addictive. As they are designed to be. You will play. Simple as that.

  • you really are missing out, its by far the best xpack since bc and could end up being better. once they fix the servers that is, i just hit 95 and felt zero grind in lvling.

  • Why can’t you just play for the fun? If it’s great for a month, then you have had a good time.

    Why stay away really? Should one ever buy single player if so? They are often not fun for ages.

  • I’m not sure why everyone is trying to convince you that you’re denying yourself something. I’m 94 and it’s nothing special. Quite linear in fact…the mobs basically fall over if you look at them. The last three quest drops all had the same skins…as did the weapons. Just different scenery. It’s really no different from any other expansion leveling experience, just more orcs and cutscenes. Garrisons basically build themselves and are just another carrot on a stick. I dunno, I don’t see why anyone would say it’s a better expansion than Burning Crusade or Lich King /shrug.

  • @ Madison

    Yes, you are correct. This is in fact World of Warcraft. If you don’t like World of Warcraft, you won’t like World of Warcraft. If you do like World of Warcraft, this is more of the same with some different takes on a few things and a few new things to do. Like every other World of Warcraft expansion. So, you might enjoy this now slightly different version of World of Warcraft as well.

  • Agreed with Madison. Same type of questing as MoP, but more cut-scenes showing off impending villians in dungeons and raids. Linear.

    Not missing much, unless you really enjoy farmville, sim city type of games on your iPhone. Now you can do this in game as well ! …..

    The only reason for me hanging in there right now is to experience endgame. Although I have a feeling I can experience the same content as everyone else by pugg’ing and beating the latest raid on handicap mode. Once that raid is complete, I doubt I’ll continue any more.

    It’s a bleak forecast of the future, I suppose.

  • I’m finding this expansion extremely fun.

    The storyline feels smooth, best questing experience i’ve had in a mmo so far. I’m also loving the changes to itemization, the thrill of getting an rare or epic upgrade, that’s just awesome.

    Garrisons are very entertaining, walking around your garrison, looking at your companions doing stuff, sending followers on missions and reaping the rewards.

    The world design is superb, beautiful landscapes with good gameplay flow, lot’s of treasure (And even different quest lines) to find for your inner explorer, lots of rares to kill for resources or loot.

    I hit 100 yesterday, still haven’t started the gear treadmill for both PvE and PvP but really, that’s World of Warcraft in the best shape in years, if you like wow you’ll love this expansion because they are polishing, adding and changing a lot of things.

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