Greetings from Mordor!


Thinking of where to spend your next vacation? Well look no further! Visit these exciting and wild lands  and experience the rich culture and wonders that can only be found in the land of Mordor, where not only shadows lie but you can as well!

Exiting Activites for All

– Make sure to keep your sword sharp! The locals love to spar with the guests and you might find yourself taking on dozens at a time!

– Enjoy archery? Well good news! There are lots of things to shoot and Uruks love playing “catch the arrow.”

– Is Hide and Seek your game? Well keep your dagger handy ’cause the local Uruks take their sport very seriously.

– Try your hand(s) at climbing one of the various structures littered about he landscape.



Make Friends with the Locals

– The local Uruks are very social and super excited to meet you! Do be put off by their enthusiasm if you see them charging. They just want to be friends!

– Witness the fascinating Uruk military heirarchy and see normal Uruks make their way through the ranks of Captain and even on to Warchief.

– Join in on the festivities between Captains as they feast, test their might, and duel each other. They love outsider influence.

– Any friends you make with the Uruks during your stay may pop up again from time to time. They love to repay the hospitality you show them!

– Watch the local human population toil away mining rocks or performing other mundane tasks but don’t stick around too long or you might just get invited to join the fun!



The Wilder Side of Mordor

– Enjoy a ride on the unique and wondrous creatures that inhabit the region. Explore the countryside on the back of a wild Caragor or if you are feeling particularly adventures try hopping on the back of the majestic and gargantuan Graug!

– Journey out in the twilight hours and if you are lucky you may just encounter some local Ghuls! Careful now, these guys sure know how to party and bring lots of friends.

– Enjoy collecting exotic flora? Well Mordor is for you! We are host to several distinct variety for you to collect and pretty much all of them are good for curing what ails you!

– For the sportsman in you we also offer unique hunting experiences. Mordor plays host to many sport animals such as rats, spiders, bats, and hell-hawks!

All You Ever Dreamed of and More!

Stop by, grab a mug of grog (Just make sure none of those rascals have poisoned it!) and enjoy all that Mordor has to offer you and your family. We’d love to have you for dinner!

DISCLAIMER: Mordor, the Lands of Mordor, and all affiliate partners are not responsible for any loss of life or limb, emotional trauma, feelings of vengeance, wraith possession, property damage, or incurred wrath.

  • Haha, great post. Been having a ton of fun with this game. The finishers are so satisfying to watch. Great stress reliever to come home and murder swaths of orcs with cool slow mo slicing and dicing.

  • I concur with Trippin great post. Shadow’s of Mordor is a good game with good pacing. I enjoyed my nemesis even after I killed him a few dozen times.

  • Surprisingly fun to play, great animations and brutal even if its gray blood.

    Just wish there was more variety and more stuff to do.
    A sequel will hopefully fix that.

    Fun though, but part of me wished I played a gruesome ork and slaughtered the good residents of that realm instead. (I like playing bad or dark themed protagonists)
    And not one of those sissie uruks, but an ork from the warhammer series.

    Start small become an unstoppable warchief. (did you know that in that fantasy setting of warhammer they can grow as big and even bigger then planets. No longer able to fit on a planet and drift in space)

  • In a deep cockney brit accent

    Gruk the Scarred “Oy dere human, Aven’t I killed you before? No matter you all look alike to me! It will be fun killing you again!

    Gruk the Scarred ” Back again eh? Me blade is gettin’ dull from killin’ you so often! i will have to sharpen it on your teeth!

    Gruk the Scarred ” Brought some Caragors to help you eh? This is going to make it so much more rewardin killin you … again!

    🙂 love it

  • Yeah I do love how dynamic their little speeches seem to be. Anybody else feel a little bad when they come back and their face looks like a tied up pork roast or when they info says something like “The scars on his face hurt when he chews.”

    Makes me feel like a monster. =\

  • Was having great fun with the game until I realized that most of the challenge was going to come from being quick enough on the dodge/QTE. Once I started dying from not having fast enough on the dodges I dropped it.