I Dropped Epic Loot

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Whew! Long break without any updates. Sorry about that folks. I’ve had a busy week with the flu and haven’t felt like getting off the couch or lifting my head more than an inch. Oh, and I also got engaged! It was all romantic and stuff. The logistics of a beach proposal (traffic, people, weather, etc.) and having it all set up just in time for us to come across this awesome heart in the sand decorated with rose pedals, sea shells, star fish, and all sorts of neat stuff. I rolled a 20 on the whole thing and it went off perfectly, but she’s definitely the one walking away with the epic loot.

Now I’m recovering and will hopefully be cranking out content all week.  Did I miss anything major that I should have commented on?

  • Thanks all! 🙂

    @Gankatron / KennyG: ArcheAge is a 3 monther guys. It’s not a bad game. It’s simply a 3 monther. There are some questionable decisions about mixing themepark and sandbox elements, and the F2P Labor point stuff. It’s not for me. I’m not going to trash talk the game or anything — I’m simply skipping this one.

  • @Keen Make that “she.” Missed the pronoun! 🙂

    Best wishes on a long and peaceful life together!

  • Congrats Keen! There are lots of jokes about marriage out there but I love my marriage. We have a lot of fun and I hope you have found the same.

  • Congratulations Keen! I got married later in life (38), but three years in it’s great. Having kids is great too…but just enjoy your engagement and marriage! All the best! 🙂

  • @Keen

    Gank was referring to your engagement/marriage not being a 3 monther as you dated (participated in the beta).

    I liked it lol.

  • I don’t function well with fevers. I was driving my fiance home the other night and apparently I was talking about the world being super colorful and sparkly. It was 10pm and completely dark outside.

    Well done on the 3 monther comment. It went completely over my head. I blame said fever. 😉