Back in the Saddle Again: Leveling in WildStar

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I’m settling back into my gaming routine now that I have a few weeks of extra time.  I jumped into WildStar last night to finally dig in my heels and level up.  My Warrior gained two levels last night (15-17) and completed a solid chunk of the second zone.  About two hours into playing I started to get really, really burned out on the whole questing thing.  Having 10 quests at a time to run around in circles was actually making me experience motion sickness.  I found a solution!

I asked in guild chat about whether or not the tasks were necessary.  Tasks are like the lowest form of bottom-dwelling quests — they are aptly called tasks. According to one of my guildies I can skip doing the tasks and just focus on the world and zone stories.  I gave it a go for another hour and gained more experience than I had the previous two hours combined.  One of the people in my guild actually leveled entirely 1-50 on just the zone stories and said that the worst thing you’ll experience is the mobs might eventually get 1-2 levels ahead of you.  I’m cool with that!

After I had my fill of questing we formed a group to head into the first adventure.  It went remarkably smooth, but that’s what happens when you bring a level 50 (even if they mentor down) and everyone else has been there before.  My first takeaway: Telegraphs are annoying and I will be turning them off for other players.  My second takeaway: EXP was great and I wish doing this type of grouping to level was the norm — I miss this play-style so, so much.

I think I’m going to shoot for level 20 tonight.  I’ll keep you all posted on how the first official “dungeon” (not adventure) goes and whether or not I’m able to muster up the courage to try tanking.  So far my verdict on WildStar will remain that it’s a well-made themepark capable of holding most for at least 3 months. How accessible and fun the end-game is will determine the rest.

  • XP penalties for fighting mobs lower than your level are rather steep. I recommend moving forward and skipping quests as soon as they are lower than you. Optimally, keeping quests 1 or 2 levels ahead of you is better.

  • I’m struggling with keeping my will to level to 50. I think it is partly the fact that it is repetitive and I don’t have anyone to just talk to while I’m leveling which is causing me to not have any fun. I’m sure I would have more fun if I was in a group doing dungeons so I’m trying to just push to 50 but playing more than an hour a day is a struggle. At this point I’m not sure I’ll keep the game after this month, but I’ll give it some more time. I’m going on vacation next week maybe taking a break from it completely will bring me back refreshed, and more people will be max level to play with.

  • Yeah I stopped focusing on tasks as well, if I complete or am close to completing them while doing the world story I will do them but no longer going out of my way to finish all of them. There are way too many quests in the game I feel, starts to get monotonous after awhile. Sounds like leveling through dungeons and adventures isn’t really that valid either, pvp bg’s give pretty good xp if you need a break from questing though.

  • Uhh keen I would not recommend turning off friendly telegraphs.. you need to know where the green circles for instance are so you can get healed.. if you have those off you have no idea where your healers spells are going.. like you can actually be dodging your healer and not get heals.

    You do not see your parties damage telegraphs at all.. only enemies and healer ones.

  • I don’t go out of my way to complete tasks, but I would rarely have to anyway. So far, I don’t feel I have spent a lot of time working on tasks, they just get done while I’m focussing on the quest story. The amount of time I’ve wasted on Scavenging Hunt missions though… I never know if they are bugged or not since the hints are rather vague.

  • Should also say keen that if you do skip tasks you will have to go back at max level and do them again anyway for the reputation.

    For raid Attunments you need 32k rep with the dominion.. I did every quest in every zone, including both 5-15 areas. And I still do not have 32K yet.. Still a bit off that you have to do dailies and grind vet adventures for.

  • Werit, it will say it in the quest tracker, World/Regional quests are generally on the top of the window and Tasks are listed below them, and they are labeled as Tasks. Something like:

    Go discover this thing here

    Kill x amount of y here
    Collect x% objects here

  • Seems like most tasks give 1% of a level, which is pretty dumb when you can go kill an npc a couple levels higher than you are and get more than that just from the kill.

    After reading that comment about tasks, I think I’ll just start doing the zone quests mixed with pvp to level.