Disney Magical World Part 2

Now for the continuation of my Disney Magical World review.

Worlds to visit in Disney Magical World

There are four connected worlds that you can head out to explore. They are Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, and Winnie the Pooh. They may not be called specifically that but you get the idea. Before you first set off to these worlds you are summoned by Yen Sid, the intense-looking sorcerer guy from Fantasia that I seriously think looks like Gowron, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, but I won’t go there… Anyway, he tells you about ghosts and sets you up with your first wand. In other worlds you will play through several episodes that will have you fighting off ghosts. You can make yourself stronger in each world by crafting more powerful wands and adventure outfits from the components that you find there. These adventure levels are full of crafting materials, some of which can be on the rare side, and will require subsequent playing for gathering purposes.

Defeat ghosts with your wand!
Defeat ghosts with your wand!

The gameplay of these areas is rather simple. You have a main attack along with a magic attack that has a set number of uses. There’s also a dodge ability and you can charge your main attack up to make it stronger. Still, I find these episodes to be very enjoyable and they offer some great variety to the game. Some of them aren’t exactly easy either. You may get a ton of gems which can be used to heal and resurrect you but the more of them you keep for the end of the level the more treasure you obtain. So sometimes you will be trying to scrape by with half a heart left because you want your best chance of finding that stupid rare rock or whatever. Some worlds also offer some additional gameplay elements. Cinderella, for example, lets you attend Balls which play out in a rhythm game fashion. It doesn’t seem overly complex when compared to similar offerings but I’m bad at it all the same.

Plant Crops in the 100 Acre Wood
Plant Crops in the 100 Acre Wood

The only world that really differs from the others is that of Pooh. You fight no ghosts here or anything like that. Instead you take on episodes that require you to grow crops or play with the residents. Farming is really the main focus, though, but there are also several good resource spots around the area. Initially you get a small plot of land. It’s something like 2×2 or 2×3. As you complete more episodes it grows larger. I don’t know what it caps out at but right now I think I’m at 4×4. In this world along with all of the others you will find seeds which you need to plant here. The stuff you harvest is used for making food in your cafe along with crafting other clothing or furniture items. It’s not exactly Harvest Moon but it’s still a very important side task. The plants grow in real-time and require watering. One spritz only lasts for 60 minutes, which is fine if your seed only takes anywhere from 3-60 minutes to grow but some require upwards to two hours and possibly more. So after the water dries up it will stop growing until you water it again.

My only real complaint is that there aren’t enough worlds. I would really love it if they had Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Sword in the Stone, Little Mermaid, etc. I hear that there is a Pirates of the Caribbean world that was added as DLC in Japan and I guess that’s cool. Not what I would have picked but at least it’s not more Pixar stuff.

Buy cute (or handsome) clothes from the shops in town!
Buy cute (or handsome) clothes from the shops in town! I will say that the girls get better outfits.


There is a lot of stuff to wear is Disney Magical World. You can buy a few things from McDucks but you will get most of your stuff tailor made at Daisy’s place. There are a lot of different character themes to choose from and several different outfit components. Some stuff might be a combined set in one or two items but others could include a hat, shirt, pants, and shoes. The styles are all over, too. If you want a Pooh or Stitch costume you can make one or if you want something more realistic then you can go with the stylish Pooh jacket, pants, hat, and sneakers. Obviously there is more than just Pooh stuff but I just really like him.

You can wear a combination of stuff from everything theme but if you wear a complete outfit then you will get an “Ace Ensemble” bonus. When you walk by characters they will compliment you. These actually start counting up and you can use them as currency at a special shop that sells sparkly character auras, temporary rare find boosts, and other cool stuff.

Stickers, Progression & Collecting

Your progress in Disney Magical World is marked by the acquisition of special stickers. You get these by completing specific tasks related to all aspects of the game from fishing to running the cafe. Certain parts of the game are locked away and can’t be accessed until your sticker count reaches a certain number. Daisy’s shop and Chip & Dale’s place will regularly get new recipes for clothing and furniture when your sticker count reaches certain points. The episodes among the various worlds also require your sticker count to be at a specific number. I actually kind of like this since it feels sort of like an achievement system that rewards you for doing stuff. Some of the stickers actually seem a little difficult to get as well so that should be fun trying to get them all. I think there is something like 100 of them and right now I’m at about 63 and it feels like I’m a bit stuck.

Along with stickers you can collect special character cards. You unlock these by performing an emote action in front of a Disney character. They only seem to half them up around once a day or so unless you can get them to show up at your cafe. For every so many cards you get the King will give you a new emote to use. It’s mainly stuff like waving, twirling, and various poses. Interesting things to possibly use online but great for taking pictures with some of the characters. If you get an repeat cards you can trade them to the King’s assistant in a 3:1 trade for a new card. I think you might also be able to trade with real players but I’m not entirely sure about that since I haven’t actually tried any online stuff yet. There’s something like 300 cards to collect of various rarity so it should be interesting to see if I can get them all.

Final Thoughts

I REALLY love this game and I would like to believe that it can stand on its own merits, but I’m pretty biased. I love classic Disney stuff so I might not be the most level person to ask. If you enjoy Animal Crossing then I’m confident you’ll like Disney Magical World. Hopefully they make a sequel or at least more DLC worlds. I’d snatch any of that up in a heartbeat.

Disney Magical World is easily a 9 out of 10.

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