ESO Tips for Newbs

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As Graev and I play ESO more we are discovering a few things that we wish we knew right when we started.

Interrupting, Avoiding, and Blocking

When you see red sparks, hold the right mouse button then click the left mouse button while target the enemy.  You’ll thrust your weapon forward (or shield bash) the enemy causing their ability to be interrupted.

When you see the yellowish sparks, hold the right mouse button when the enemy lands their hit on you and they will be dazed.  Perform a heavy hit by holding down the left mouse button (with a bow hold for a second or two then let go) and you will knock the enemy off balance.

When you see a red circle, red line, or red anything on the ground, double tap WASD in a direction that will get you out of the indicator.  This will make your character roll or dodge out of the way and avoid being hit by what is going to be an unblockable attack.

eso-map-questsCompleting Quests in Areas

Questing in ESO about roaming around, exploring, and finding quests to complete.  Quest hubs only exist in loosest possible sense.  You can expect there to be a couple of quests around each city.  To make sure you know when to move on, open up your map and look at the symbol representing the city, farm, outposts, etc.  If it’s black that means you may still have something to complete there.  If the symbol has turned white, you have probably done the main quests there.

How to use the Scroll and Ring of Mara

Visit the Shrine of Mara in the city you appear in when first loading into the game.  Once you find the shrine, open your inventory, press and hold Q, and put the scroll of Mara into the quickslot.  Target your friend or significant other (Graev targeted me) and press Q.  You’ll receive the prompt to commit yourself to that person.  It was rather awkward for us.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, post them in the comments below!  I know both Graev and I appreciate any tips you can give us, and I’m sure others reading do as well.

  • Deconstruct Gear if you want to craft
    You’re going to find a lot of basic white gear and a fair share of greens. Crafting takes a lot of resources, and unless you plan to buy those resources you should probably break down the gear you find for raw materials. Simply visit a crafting station to break down the appropriate kind of gear — your life as a crafter will be much easier.

  • Few random thoughts:

    -Finish questlines even if you outleveled a zone. Some give you skill points.
    – You can expand your bank space as well as your personal bag space. When you are looking at your bank there is an option at the bottom.
    – The respec place is always in the second zone for each side. Dont worry about messing your build up.
    – For tanks wannabes – There are two taunts in the game. One single target from the one hand line. The other AOE from the Undaunted line.

  • Oh another thing too, the more of a skill lines abilities you have slotted the faster the skill ine will level.

  • Questing with a controller is very nice and easy, especially for long sessions when you don’t want to bent over a keyboard. Luckily this game is not like Gw2 and does not rely on shitload of field placements. This makes playing with a controller very viable and enjoyable.

    Once you get past the clunky ass animations the combat is a lot of fun. There are tons of interesting aspects but nothing is over done, like gw2 or wildstare.

    Also make the journey to the teleport shrine closest to your factions respec shrine. Especially if you like to play with builds.

    Food is easily overlooked but really helpful.

    Randomly search videos of your class on youtube and find some fun builds.

  • So I just found out that guilds who own keeps in Cyrodiil can set up public store…. That’s actually sort of awesome. Talk about a reason to actually want to defend your keep…

  • Thanks for the tips! I’m loving the game so far but I will admit I’m noob to it. Didn’t play any of the es games before. Are you sure about the colors of landmarks? My experience is the other way around, black if you still have something to do and white if you dont.

  • I second the suggestion of using a controller… very enjoyable. The only issue I have with it at the moment is dodge/roll during combat. I had to turn off that mechanic in the options because I kept rolling unintentionally.

    Another suggestion is to take the time to hunt down and dig up those treasure chests. The best gear I have found so far has come out of chests… which of course I then researched/deconstructed to make new and even better gear.

  • @Fergor: Guild stores in general are pretty awesome. You can belong to 5 guilds at once, too.

    @Benfoldsarmy: Yeah, I fixed that. Thanks!

  • @Keen: I agree with guild stores being an awesome idea. Where can you buy stuff from guilds who have set up stores? Are the stores in Cyrodill or just wherever? I have not seen any yet. I did see a guild specifically built around the idea of stores/trading already though, which is so different from any recent MMO that it made me smile just seeing it, whether it is successful or not.

  • @Drathmar

    You can be in up to 5 guilds. To access a guild store you need to belong to the guild and go to your bank. There is an option there to access the store.

    The guild stores available to everyone can supposedly be set up in WvW according to the website. I dont think any guilds are at the point where they set one up. That would of course differ from campaign to campaign.

    Another tip is you can but level appropriate gear, potions, enchants and food at the various vendors. They arent as good as crafted/dropped loot but they give you a way to get gear if your unlucky.

  • @Fergor: Thanks. That makes sense then. I did notice the vendors, however I have been doing pretty well with crafting gear from what I have broken down though I don’t have a lot of traits yet. I did get to craft a really nice green sword for my DW blademaster though that is like 28 damage at lvl 8 with a disease rune for extra 4 damage.

  • Its been a long time since i felt like such a noob, i love it!

    Dont look up maps and where things are, just discover the game much more rewarding,

  • Another tip, although it breaks immersion, the tiny min maxer in me just HAD to get the addons for
    1)floating text
    2)skyshard map

    I just can’t afford exploring an area and missing a skyshard, so far at lvl 17 (there are 16 skyshards alone on the lvl 1-15 starting island) I have gained 7 skills from skyshards, they are invaluable.It also adds a huge incentive to explore every nook and cranny of the map.