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Ever hear of Titan Quest?  It’s an awesome Action RPG (ARPG) set in Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia.  Titan Quest was/is one of the best ARPGs ever made.  Long story short, there won’t be any more Titan Quest games but a handful of the team responsible for making it great now have their own studio making a game called Grim Dawn.  While researching the game prior to my purchase, I thought it was fascinating to learn that the team actually acquired the engine and tools from Titan Quest.   It shows in both the polish what this 7-person team has been able to accomplish.

grim-dawnCrate Entertainment launched their Kickstarter back in 2012, got twice the funding they wanted, ended up on Steam, and are now a pre-release title for sale.  I think 2/3 of the game is available for play.  The world is a mystical and unnatural post-apocalyptic world wrought with chaos.  The setting is incredibly dark and gritty.

I’ve logged a few hours so far, and like what I see.  I definitely feel the spiritual successor to Titan Quest vibe, but I’m also sensing a lot of influence from Diablo 2.  Gameplay in general feels tough like it’s meant to appeal to people who want to think about combat and formulate a plan.

You’ll start the game as a generic male or female character and soon after be able to choose from a couple of classes.

  • Soldier – Your typical warrior type.  Probably the most least appealing to me.
  • Demolitionist – Think Sorcerer meets Engineer.  Lots of blowing stuff up.
  • Occultist – A summoner who can curse and use eldritch magic.  This is the class I chose.  It’s like a Witch Hunter from Warhammer who can control demons.
  • Nightblade – A rogue who can use some magic.

Okay, so those classes are pretty neat.  Best part?  You can combine them.   You will eventually get to choose a second class and mix/match their abilities.  This is one area where Grim Dawn shines over recent ARPGs like Diablo 3.  You’ll have to choose what abilities you want, when to unlock them, and create a build that both matches your play-style and is capable of overcoming a difficult game.


The world is being created so that your choices matter.  You’ll make to make decisions that will impact things like which NPCs live and die and how certain areas and stories unfold.  I think you can even choose to go to certain areas prior to others, and that will impact the story.

I know I’m sorta late to the scene, but I have a feeling a lot of people haven’t been following what is already turning out to be one of the better ARPGs ever made.  Definitely check it out for yourself.  You can get it on Steam, from their official site, etc.

Summary of why you should care about Grim Dawn

  • Spiritual successor to Titan Quest
  • Interesting abilities and skill system
  • Dark, intriguing world influenced by your decisions
  • Old school ARPG feel

Heads up, the game is still unfinished (multiplayer isn’t even in yet) but they are making great progress and seem to follow their road map pretty well.

  • Grim Dawn is one of those games that I am glad they are taking their time with. I have played a bit and really enjoyed it. Crate is doing the right thing by not rushing it out.

  • I like the idea of combing classes to make new builds. I also really enjoyed TQ and all the mythology so I will have to make a point to check this one out. My go to ARPG lately has been Marvel Heroes but there is always room for a new game if the setting is unique enough.

  • Thanks for the update on this one…I logged some serious hours in TQ, it had the best skill trees I have seen imho.

  • Oooh, I had no idea this was in the works. I loved Titan Quest! Purchased! Thanks for sharing!

  • Looks really good, but at $30 I’m not sure I want to spend that for a game I’ll play for only a couple weeks, since ESO will take up basically all my gaming time once it release. However, should I take a break from ESO, this definitely looks fun! Love the graphics and ambience of the game.

  • I’ve been keeping my eye on the game. Once it’s complete I’ll probably get it. I’ve sworn off early access games in general.

  • @Idunaz: Keep in mind, Grim Dawn probably won’t be done before 2015. I think you’ll have plenty of time to burn out on ESO. 😉

    @Fergor: That’s the mentality a lot of people have about Grim Dawn and games in general. I totally respect and in many ways share the position.

  • I played the original TQ to death, and was pretty pumped to hear about Grim Dawn. I have pre ordered and played the current (unfinished) version, and I’m not disappointed. However, I won’t be devoting serious time to it UNTIL it is released. In the mean time it spurred me to go back and give Diablo 3 a try again (also the fact that D3 just got a huge content patch didn’t hurt) and I’m loving it as well. Good time to be playing ARPG’s 😉

  • I’m going to wait until multiplayer is added, then play it with Graev. We plan to play D3 when the expac comes out. The new loot 2.0 patch should make things a lot of fun.

  • I found out about this last week and was really excited to hear that the Titan Quest devs were making it. I heard they just added in the second Act a few days. Going to keep my eye on it and pick it up once it’s actually finished, hoping for good things.

  • I plan on picking this up when it is finished as well, I had well over 900 hours logged in TQ + IT (around 300 hours each on 3 characters).

    I have been in an ARPG mood a lot lately, playing a lot of Marvel Heroes and D3 (the new loot 2.0 patch makes it so much better) and plan on playing reaper of souls.

    Honestly the only ARPG I’ve played recently I didn’t like was Path of Exile due to all characters sharing the same skills (just getting at different rates) and the same build tree (albeit different starting locations) the characters don’t really feel diverse enough to me.