PS4 Day 2: Assassin’s Creed and DCUO

We’re two days into the launch of the PS4 with lots more to talk about.  These aren’t full reviews — just a quick synopsis of our experience with a smidgin of impressions.  The images used for these games were taken with the screenshot sharing feature.  The quality on them isn’t great, but it’s nice to finally be able to take pictures without having to use a third-party device.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

This might sound crazy, but this is the first Assassin’s Creed game I have ever played.  I’ve watched Graev play all of them, and I knew exactly what to expect, but I wasn’t quite ready for how awesome the free-run and acrobatic movement felt.  The high frames per second and gorgeous graphics made my first hands-on experience with AC really quite something.

I love pirates.  I live for this setting.  If there’s one setting I may love more than medieval fantasy it’s Pirates!  Black Flag captures everything I love about the setting and then some.  I talk all the time about being able to control my own ship, and Black Flag does not disappoint.  I love being able to sail around.

I’m not going to spoil anything, but the story in the previous AC games looked really crummy.  So much so that I almost didn’t pick this one up. Ubisoft takes the story in a much more believable, interesting direction.  Expect my full review to come when I’ve logged significantly more hours into the game.


DC Universe Online

Years ago I played DC Universe Online for the PC, and along with Graev and several of our friends we reached the max level and completed everything there was to do in the game at that time.  When we stopped playing it was never because the game did anything wrong — We simply ran out of things to do.  Years later, the game is free to play with lots of microtransactions.  I can’t say for certain how the F2P model has improved or harmed the game, but I know I’ve been able to play everything I can remember without spending a dime.

The PS4 version is great.  I feel like the controls are perfect, and perhaps even better than the PC version.  I remember thinking that DCUO was always meant to be a console game with this inherent sense of combo button presses and beat’em up nature.  Using the new DualShock 4 controller, I never felt wanting for a keyboard or mouse.

I think they did a nice job upgrading the visuals.  Everything looks high-res, and load times are quick.  I haven’t experienced any slowdown or performance issues.

If you just got a PS4, or heck even if you’re still gaming on the PS4, it can’t hurt to give DCUO a try.  I think the potential for MMOs on consoles is quickly catching up the PCs.

  • AC 4 is a maybe for me.
    The last AC I enjoyed was AC2.
    I did play AC revelations, but it was no where as good as AC2.

    Perhaps one day I’ll pick up AC4.
    I do have to mention that I feel like the combat system is overused by now that other games also use it. For instance the batman games.

    Btw Keen. As someone who also plays lots of games.
    I notice that for me most games keep me occupied, but do not give me that feeling of excitement and fun anymore.

    The last games that still had that effect on me where xcom enemy unknown and need for speed most wanted.
    What about you?

  • Honestly, AC4 is giving me that feeling, but keep in mind it’s the first AC game I have actually played myself.

    I play lots and lots of games, and for me the experience does more than the controls or combat. I’m easily influenced by setting and story.

  • Seems I made a mistake and mentioned need for speed most wanted while I meant hot pursuit instead.

    Glad to hear AC4 is fun for you. Maybe I’m experiencing gaming fatigue and need to try new things.
    Oh well…

  • I had roughly the same experience with DCUO – played primarily on PC and think it was better on the PS3. It’s frustrating that SOE and SCEA couldn’t work out cross-platform play within the same bleeping corporation, Square somehow managed it with FFXIV.

    As to AC4, the Assassin’s Brotherhood are ninjas. It’s great for you that they made the latest AC into the best open world pirate game ever, but I for one feel betrayed. 🙂