My Pokemon X In-game Team

I’m about 12 hours into Pokemon X and I finally decided on a team.  I think.  For every hour I’ve put into the game, I’ve probably spent 2 thinking about what team I want to build.  I have weird tastes.  I require the pokemon on my team look cool but also perform extremely well.  I’m also all about trying to build a team that will be balanced.  Oh, and I also do not care at all about anything other than in-game normal play.  I’m not into tournaments or playing against other trainers.

Without further ado… here’s my team.  For now.


I picked Chespin as my starter for one reason: He is by far the cutest pokemon starter.  His final evolution, however, is… bizarre.  I ultimately decided I could keep him in my team because I imagine he’s a little cute guy inside of a suite that looks like it belongs in something like Dawn of War.  Figher/Grass has proven to be a great combo so far, and I hope it continues to perform.


charizard xCharizard

I’m slightly bothered by the overt favoritism Charizard has received.  Squirtle is my favorite original starter pokemon, and when Professor Sycamore offered to give me one of the original starters it was tough to have to choose Charizard… he just looks so dang cool.  To top it all off, in Pokemon X he becomes Dragon/Fire — gotta have that Dragon.



Two words: Psychic Dark.  Malamar is also physical and has an amazing ability called Contrary: All effects that lower stats increase them instead.  Using superpower I can attack with Malamar and instead of losing attack and defense I gain it instead.  How ridiculous is that?



I was originally against the idea of taking on yet another older pokemon into my team.  I was desperate for a water pokemon, and was actually looking at that new barnacle guy when Graev told me that Azumarill is now a Fairy/Water now — that’s the only Fairy/Water pokemon, and I’m pretty sure he’s physical attack as well.  Stack that with his ability called Huge Power (double attack) and you have the recipe for yet another ability combo.



He looks cool.  Really, that’s the reason I chose him.  Don’t get me wrong, Rock/Dragon is a cool combo too but just look at him!  I think he gets some nice physical abilities like crunch and dragon claw too.  Honestly, playing in-game only I think I can settle for taking a pokemon based on looks.

That’s my team!  I have one spot left that will probably be used for a slave who will carry all of my HMs.  If I end up wanting a 6th I will take Heliolisk to round it out with eletric.

One of the biggest things I’m excited about in Pokemon X and Y is how accessible the ‘meta game’ is for trainers.  ALl of this EV IV whatever its called is really transparent now with the super training.  I can run each pokemon through a series of minigames and make their stats exactly how I want them.  I’ve never been interested in min/maxing Pokemon — I would rather pretend they are my friends — but given the chance to make them super powerful AND my buddies how can I resist?

Have you decided on your team?

  • I love the Super Training. Too bad there is no option to change controls for left handed people. I can’t do anything beyond the level one training.

  • I am aiming for a slightly different line up. I chosen Pokemon Y (for what I thin is the cooler legendary, but Charizard Y isnt as exciting)

    I started out with Froakie, so I get a nice ninja water, but he is pretty squishy, so I got a Charmander when i got the choice. Best move ever, especially with Dragon Rage. I also am running a Honedge and soon a Duoblade. Amazing pokemon. Steel/Ice is a great combo and it learns even Bug abilities. I also caught all 3 types of monkeys. Pansear, and I still have Simisage on the team. I am running a Furret, cause its cute and gives me some good ground. Also running Pancham (waiting for it to evolve) for the Fighting. I got the TRex but i moved it out pretty quick. I like my lineup so far. Frog and Charmander are working out well, and I got good backups.

  • @TheRedComet: You could always train for an hour every day and become ambidextrous!

    @Yulian: I was tempted to build an all-monkey team just for the cute factor alone. Duoblade was such a huge temptation for me. I may still work him into my 6th spot. He just looks ridiculous and has great moves.

  • Last gen i understood was gen 1.
    I am a bit clueless as to what pokemon are good in x and y.

    Right now its torchic, the water starter, bulbasaur, the bunny you catch in the begin as my cut, rockbreak slave. far fetched I use to hit pokemon with to 1 health to capture them easier and butterfree to make pokemon sleep and paralized also to aid capturing.

    I bought a 2ds for this game and thus far its fun.
    I do feel my pokemon lvl way to fast for the difficulty curve, especially if you like catching a lot of pokemon that requires you to go into the field and find them.

    My 2ds might be defect though… it didnt happen at first but lately everytime i put on rollerskates and move.. or take em off and move or go into or outside a building my lower screen becomes darker for half a second and i hear an annoying BUZZZZ sound.

    Btw that malamar looks like a good pokemon Keen. Who does he evolve from??

  • Malamar evolves from Inkay at level 30 when you hold your 3DS upside down.

    Your 2DS issue sounds pretty crazy… maybe take it back and try to return it for a new one?

  • Been having a lot of fun with this. My In game team is Pangoro, cause why not have kung fu panda on my team? Clawitzer cause it has a huge claw cannon and hits massively hard on the special side, Aegislash cause well, swords are awesome, Sylveon cause it’s cute as hell and has replaced Espeon as my favorite eeveelution, Tyrantrum for pretty much the same reason as keen, and Delphox was my starter (fennekin) because I liked the first 2 despite not liking the early leaks of Delphox but in game Delphox is amazing, and his animation are pretty godlike with pulling a wand out of his sleeve to attack. He is my awesome fox-wizard.

  • My team was chesnaught lv72 farfetchd lv84 jolteon lv76 umvreon lv77 lapras lv70 xerneas lv77