My Pokemon XY Anti-Adventure

pokemon-x-y-logoEvery time a new Pokemon game releases there has to be some sort of adventure involved.  Pokemon X & Y released today, and that meant turning our normal Saturday into something special.  Graev informed me yesterday that Toys R Us is having a special and as a result there would probably be huge lines.  After all… it’s Pokemon.  “You need to be there by 8:30am — no later!” he said.  This just happened to be grocery week, so I woke up at 6am to be at the grocery store when it opened.  I raced through shopping, came home and unloaded all the groceries, and had just enough time to get back in the car and race over to Toys R Us.

The special Graev mentioned is Toys R Us has a deal on 3DS games where you buy one get one 40% off.  If you haven’t picked up your copies yet, or you want other 3DS games, I think the deal ends today so get out there!

So I roll up to Toys R Us at 8:15.  You can never be too early, and Graev was counting on me!   The parking lot was empty save for a few employee vehicles for the early cleaning crew.  I pulled into a tactical position where I could monitor cars entering the vicinity yet remain close enough to the doors that I could sprint up and be first. Who knows how many copies they have, and how many greedy people will buy them all up.  8:30 rolls around and I see a car pull up.  I spring into action by grabbing my wallet, turning of the car,  and giving myself a quick look in the mirror when I notice the man getting out of his van carrying a rather large plastic bag.  Curses!  It’s just the guy who fills the stuffed animals in the claw machine.

I’m starting to get nervous.  No one is here but a few employees.  Did I have the time wrong?  Does Pokemon not come out today?  When suddenly another car pulls up.  It’s 8:45 and I’m not risking it.  The first copy is going to be mine.  I casually, slowly, open my door and walk in a brisk, nonchalant cool guy ‘in my shorts and flip flops on a Saturday’ style.  I’m an expert at giving off the ‘just doin’ m’thang’ vibe.  I’ve had a lot of practice over the years waiting on these games, systems, etc., to release.  You can’t spook the others into thinking you’re a runner.  If they catch wind that you’re here to be a player that just psychs them up. I gave the guy who walked up one of those chin thrust ‘sup’s’ and casually waited for the punk kid to finally unlock the door.

SPRINT!  Like a bolt of Pikachu’s lightening I was in the store and weaving in and out of displays.  The store was eerily empty and 30 seconds later when the other guy finally makes it the 40 feet to the games department he asks, “Here for Pokemon too?”   “Yup,” I reply while thinking to myself of-freaking-course I’m here for Pokemon; Who wouldn’t be here for Pokemon 45 minutes before the store opens?

Finally the employee (who knows me by name thanks to Disney Infinity) takes his sweet time walking over.  “Here for Pokemon? Both versions, right?”  I walk through the mental “of-freaking-course, who buys just one?” again and hear the guy behind me say “Yeah, yeah me too both X & Y!”  Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all.

The employee finally surfaces from the back where he most certainly had copies of the game under lock and key with armed security standing watch.  I blurt out, “You guys have a special right now.  40% off.  I get 40% off.  GIVE IT TO MEEEE!”  Something like that spews out of my lips and he just nods, having already entered my Rewards number (again, Disney Infinity).  Clutching my bag to my chest I exit the store, look around for anyone talking into their cuffs wearing ear pieces (you can never be too cautious), get into my car, lock the doors, and drive off — the parking lot still empty.

You’re going next time, Graev.

  • Haha! I think this release was a rather confusing one. I had several friends who pre-ordered on Amazon and actually got their copies a day early! Other people on the internet say the same thing. I downloaded it last night at midnight, and there was some difficulty on their Eshop for at least a half an hour, but I managed to get it downloaded by midnight Central time and played it until 1am before sleep kicked in.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Pokemon version that ran out of copies! I think Nintendo knows they will sell and prints them just like printing money, but I have to wonder about that Eshop hiccup… are more people preferring the digital download these days? Pokemon especially seems ripe for digital download. Who -wouldn’t- want Pokemon on their 3DS -wherever- they go?!

    I hope you two enjoy the game! I myself have decided to go on an epic quest to customize the heck out of my avatar. To get all the good clothes, you have to beat the Gyms, though! Haha!