ffxiv ilvlWhen Square announced they would be adding a dungeon finder to FFXIV it was only a matter of time before they added the item level mechanic.  Sure enough, it was announced that iLvls will be added to gear soon, and dungeons will do checks to ensure characters are properly geared before they are allowed to enter.

My reaction is mixed.  Gear checks are needed.  I’ve healed way too many dungeons with a tank who can’t hold aggro, or even one who dies in 2 hits because the gear he’s wearing is 20 levels lower than the dungeon.  I can teach a tank who doesn’t know how to play, but I can’t help someone who decided to grind fates then join a dungeon.

On the other hand, I hate the gear mentality.  I’m already seeing the “LFM Ifrit HM – Be geared”.  When iLvl makes it in, players will be saying “LFM Ifrit, iLvL 260+ only”.  There’s an elitist mentality with a pattern of discrimination.

As long as players don’t become jerks about it, we’ll be fine.  Since that will never happen, I hope that iLvL is limited only to dungeon finder and not visually represented on the character sheet as seen on the right.

  • They really just need to increase the exp you get from dungeons. Fates are worth so much more exp than dungeons it’s crazy. I think one possible quick solution for dungeons would be to remove the kill chain timer when inside a dungeon. After clearing a few rooms the exp will be able to compete with fates AND it’ll get people to try to stay alive during dungeons since dying will still reset your chain. Trash clearing won’t be so bad either. For some reason it always annoys me to bypass mobs that are standing right in the way by hugging walls.

  • Wait…im confused.

    Item level is already in the game, isn’t it? Below the primary stats, above what class can use it. I see it on all my gear and have since the start…

    Do you mean they are just changing it so item level is relevant to dungeon finder? Or averaged among all gear and shown as a statistic?

  • “That same group had a tank in level 15 gear at level 34 in a level 33+ dungeon.”

    Sometimes the worst thing one can get is to have their wishes be realized. 😉

  • “As long as players don’t become jerks about it, we’ll be fine. Since that will never happen, I hope that iLvL is limited only to dungeon finder and not visually represented on the character sheet as seen on the right.”

    I don’t understand why its bad thing to have iLvL on character sheet.

    Dungeon finder needs iLvl and that’s given else unscrupulous (more of these people out there than elitist ) people will exploit the system (as you saw) and Dungeon finder will become useless in the long run as the decent players won’t use it.

    If you are running dungeons with your friends/guild mates then iLvl doesn’t matter. So why then its an issue if iLvl is displayed?

  • @Sine Nomine: I think it does give the item itself a value, but I don’t think it gives characters a score.

    @Gankatron: Level to equip vs. How good a piece of gear is are quite different. 😉

    @Gringar: I completely agree. Dungeons should give experience at the same rate as Fates or higher since they are difficult.

    @Solarbear: The gating aspect I dislike. If my iLvL is 200 and I have to be 205 to enter the dungeon…. I could probably get away with 200. It’s nice when a character wearing level 5 newbie cloth tries to tank a level 40 dungeon, though.

  • I wonder how restrictive it will be. Like say you have tons of really nice gear but one Green level 15 (your level 40) would that keep you out of dungeons? 😛 Cant find a replacement for my damn rope belt.. hehe But yet i can heal places like the sunken temple and cutters cove. Gear checks is not my favorite thing i want added thats for sure

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  • Ugh, dungeon finders. Do you at least have to run to the dungeon, or do you just sign up from wherever and are instantly teleported there with your matchmade group that never says anything?

  • You are trying. . .no, hoping to walk a fine line that isn’t there. An MMO with ilvls and dungeon finders will NEVER give you anything near that EQ quest story that you keep hoping will repeat itself in a modern MMO.

  • @Einhander: At once point my entire outfit was that color. 😉

    @Jenks: You have to visit it once to unlock it in the dungeon finder. After that you are instantly teleported there and back.

    @iLkRehp: I would never expect it to be.

  • The huge issue is usually the need to filter a huge ammount of potential player in some way, and iLvl can help to indicate that, there is usually no way to tell if the person that wants to join is an able player unless there is prior experience, yes he might do more dps move better than the other guy you have in the raid even with inferior gear, but how are you gonna tell?
    The game usually gives achievemnts for time investments not for display of ability and skill, thats more of an issue in my point of view.
    As long as there is no way to distingush yourself from the mass and get something to prove it, gearcheks ilvl are still a neccessary evil. Not pretty but helpful. And people who get frustrated by it are – in the majority from my experience – those that want that free ride, cant pull their own weight, and yes there are always exceptions.

  • Keen: Playing White Mage now or do you switch between Black and White depending on what is needed? If so, is switching around efficient? Just wondering. I am still waiting on my copy of the game, they finally shipped it two days ago. I am leaning towards dps for this mmo and was curious about the Black Mage as they seem to have the least amount of QQ/drama threads on the official forums.

    • I don’t have BLM unlocked. I’m playing as purely WHM and leveling up other subclasses to unlock more jobs. BLM is a great job, though.

  • I guess ilevel makes sense for a theme park mmo. At real life theme parks they have “You must be this tall to ride this ride.”

    Just as long as the tank hasn’t eaten 3 corn dogs, cotton candy, a bag of kettle corn, 6 beers. . .and then spews all over the healer it should be all right.

  • The problem in this game starts and ends on fates…Fates are ridiculously more effective than any other activity that almost make all other content “obsolete”. I told a friend yesterday to do a guildhest cause it gives nice xp bonus for the first time and he said “lol, thats 2 fates”. I was in a level 28 dungeon yesterday with my gladiator(hawke manor) and I barely got half a level. Then I moved with a friend at costa del sol and run some fates and at the same time I was level 31…I got 1,5 levels by running retarded content in the same time I got half level from a dungeon…

    All the server mindless roaming from fate to fate, pushing the button that will net them the highest contribution and that’s it..and when the story sends them to a dungeon, they just go there as they are..no gear, no preparation. And why they should?They can run the game’s more efficient content naked why care about gear?

    Is like I am part of a walking dead movie. Fates is like a sound from the far away and then you see a bunch of zombies running there. My Paladin is 31 and my conjurer 16. I have all the crafting classes to level 30 and gathering to 27. Once I go my paladin to 50 and my crafting there I hope something will change so I can level alts by doing something else except fates. Because as it is now, 80% of the server are running fates and there are no people available for other activities…like group together to chain run dungeons, or go to a spot and grind crafting materials, quest together, e.t.c.