FFXIV Guild Airships

Guilds, or Free Companies, are a central part of FFXIV as they are in any MMORPG.  Right now they can do a few cool things like provide bank space and give buffs to members.  The buffs are actually quite good.  Reducing the cost of teleporting by 20% and increasing experience by 5% are nothing to scoff at, but these are but a drop in the bucket of what could be in a game like FFXIV.

We know that guilds will soon be able to buy houses and craft furniture.  Housing will be a great place for people to hang out, show off trophies from big kills, benefit crafting with buffs, and provide a mid to long-term goal for players.  There are a few features I would love to see come to guilds in FFXIV, but none of them come close to airships.

ff airshipAirships

Guilds being able to buy Airships would be awesome.  Airships are at the core of Final Fantasy.  I would love to see guilds flying in the skies of Eorzea, fighting primals in the sky.  I envision something like Allods Online or Guns of Icarus where each player has to contribute to the operation of the vessel.

Battles could require Adventurers to be up on the deck to fight huge air and sea monsters.  Crafters would also be able to actually participate in PvE because they would be the ones repairing the airship when it takes damage, controlling flight, building cannons, etc.

When the game inevitably (hopefully?) grows, I want to see vast oceans to fly over, and new continents reachable only by airship.  I know these things are enormously out of the scope of the current game, as it is just a high-class themepark, but they aren’t impossible.  Heck, Allods literally pulled it off to a decent degree.

What guild features would you like to see brought to FFXIV?

  • I really love that idea, especially the part of crafters involvement on fights. I also wish they will come up with great features. But I am a bit pessimistic about those vast oceans…World in FFXIV is too small compared to other MMOs and full of loading screens…I don’t think they will change so much their design and bring us vast seamless lands…but airships would be possible 🙂

  • I Dont see it growing very much in Europe/US due to its eastern style, with WOW 5.4 due to hit big aswell

  • “PGAMES: Are there any plans on how the traveling will work in A Realm Reborn? Not only by the Etherites. Will there also be Airships or Ships? Or something new?

    YOSHIDA: Yes definitely, with the main storyline you will sort of need airships and also a ship. But not only prepared ships and airships. During the update we will implement a system, so you can build your own ship or airship with your own guild. You can make your own version.”

    So… this is a six-month old interview, and I expect that they won’t actually implement it until the first expansion pack, but it might be coming.

    Here’s the link.

  • It gives me hope. They have really ambitious plans for the future. I hope they have enough money to pull them off.