The Beauty of FFXIV

Today has been a rather quiet Sunday for us in FFXIV.  We reached a point in our story questing where we could not progress until level 40.  That meant we had to do some Fates and other quests to get us nearly a full level.  I don’t mind Fates, personally.  I think they are a lot easier to zone out to than having to constantly go from one quest objective to the next.  Graev truly hates them, though.  We kind of butted heads on the subject, as Graev feels they are completely out of place in the world.  I see his point, but I see the sidequests as the same thing only more annoying.

We’re moving along nicely.  I think we’ll probably be 50 in a week or so, and then we’ll begin either leveling alts or thinking about some end-game activities.  I know our guild is busy doing all sorts of fun things like leveling crafters, running high-level Fates, and just enjoying the game for what is has to offer.  FFXIV is a themepark, but the atmosphere and presentation are so dang good.

Anyway, I thought a nice way to end tonight’s little post would be to show off some of my favorite looking locations in the world of Eorzea thus far.   Enjoy!

FFXIV Fallgourd

I stared at this view for about 20 minutes.  Graev logged off and I moved around to find the best view of the area and just took a dozen screenshots.  I love how you can see the crystaline formation in the distance, and really see the water, sky, and just gorgeous ruins.

FFXIV Crystals

I think this might actually be a close up of the crystals in the distance from the previous shot.  Throughout the world there are these crystal areas.  I really have no idea what they are supposed to be, but I feel like they each represent one of the primals.  Anyone know what these are?

FFXIV Unicorn

Here’s a really pretty shot I took of my character on his unicorn.  This little sanctuary had a flower garden.  I couldn’t resist capturing an image of the colors just erupting off these flowers.

FFXIV Dragonhead

This is the ominous looking Central Coerthas Highlands.  The zone is gloomy, snowy, and quite large.  My least favorite zone so far, but there are a few great vistas with scary looking fortresses in the distance.

  • The side quests can certainly be taken as tedious and dull, as I think you found them (and I certainly didn’t) but out of place in the world? I’d say the opposite – most of the ones I’ve done have been deeply grounded in the everyday lives of the real inhabitants of Eorzea, the NPCs who live and work there full-time, not johnny-come-lately transients like we adventurers. I find them fascinating, for the most part, although there are the odd duffers.

    FATEs generally make as much or as little sense as side quests in terms of story and lore but they of course suffer from being on an endless loop, whereas each character sees each quest play out only once. I like FATEs but they are much more of a game mechanic than part of the virtual world. Still, as you say, it’s a theme park. There have to be rides.

  • @Wufiavelli: GW2’s “dynamic events” are not dynamic at all. Neither are FFXIV’s Fates. It’s all the same thing: Look at the map until the circle appears, run in and participate, wait for it to happen again.

    Some of them are really well done, especially later on in levels. There are some that will chain off of each other (GW2 did this) and start new events. I think even Odin might be a Fate.

    @Bhagpuss: Being level 40 running around a war-torn fortress shooing out rats doesn’t really match the grand adventurer and member of the Scions image. Then there’s the “bring me my lunch” quests. We’re trying to save the world from the Primals who are being brought back by their believers, and I’m out here hunting bison to make steaks. That’s what I mean by out of place. All that said, Fates and sidequests are rides and I’m fine with them. I don’t have to do them, which I like. The main story has been fairly solid anyway.

    @Syncaine: I just wish it would sparkle when it runs. 🙁

  • Keen, The primal represented in the second picture is Titan, the earth primal. Throughout the story, he’s referenced by that yellow-gold color. I’m pretty sure area is infested with Kobolds and giants too. I’m finally enjoying the game now that the servers aren’t constantly crapping out. 45 Scholar ATM.

  • The more I see you post about this game the more I want it… but they still have no reopened digital sales 🙁

  • Man that’s incredible! If you don’t mind me asking what are you running that on?

    I am looking for a new MMO to try out and if I can get FFXIV to look that good on my PC that’s a contender!

  • yeh that’s why i called them not so dynamic events. That aside i do prefer them to traditional quests and really enjoy the stories unfolding the first one or two times through.