Leveling in FFXIV


Today’s adventures in FFXIV took us quite literally all around the world.  That’s one of the best and worst parts about questing — you get sent back and forth, and back and forth, then back again but you get to see the world at the same time.  The world in FFXIV is larger than most MMOs I’ve played lately, but at the same time I find it a little frustrating to have to traverse across it so often.

FFXIV DungeonWe also ventured into a dungeon to advance some of our story.  I wrote about FFXIV Dungeons yesterday, so I needn’t say more.

FFXIV ChocobosLeveling FFXIV is peculiar.  It’s way easier than I thought it would be, which is both unfortunate and nice at the same time.  I like games with a huge journey.  Unfortunately, FFXIV’s journey can be completed in under a week if you have the resources and the time.  I’m level 30 now on my Conjuror, and all I have done is the main story quest and some sidequests along the way.  I haven’t rushed, or felt the need to burst ahead.  I see the multiple classes as an opportunity to explore the different sides of the world I haven’t been able to see because of sticking so close to this linear story.  Again, the nice thing about FFXIV’s class system is that you do the story once — on one class — and then you go back through on another class and have to find another path to progress.

Some people prefer Fate grinding, which is the trick to level quickly.  You get a group of 8 players, head to a region with lots of Fates, and rake in the experience.  You won’t get any money, but you’ll level ridiculously fast.  That’s probably how I’ll level my third class, after I do all of the side quests I skipped in other zones.  There are plenty of them, too, because I haven’t even touched one of the starting cities areas.

I can already tell that the level 30+ zones are going to start breaking out a bit more.  I do hope they last longer.  I like to stay in a zone and really progress through it rather than bounce around to quest hubs.  Either way, I’ll continue to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take my time.

  • One of my friends hit level 30 recently and he’s said that although questing up until then has been easy, he’s starting to see things get more difficult. Some of the Guildleves are already becoming rather difficult if only because people don’t read text/are too used to other MMOs! I failed one the other day because the tank wouldn’t lure a mob to a certain location so we could capture it. Everyone else was trying to tell him what to do and stopped DPS and even healing him, but he still managed to kill the mob himself and fail the Guildleve for everyone. Another 30 minute wait in the Duty Finder for me. -_-;

    • I just hit 30 on Conjuror, and I’m going to level Arcanist today to be able to unlock White Mage. After that I’ll probably level a Warrior.

  • everyone say that after 30 is getting lot harder..also the journey in FFxiv is to level multiply classes in same character in order to benefit from the cross-class abilities. Also don’t forget the crafting classes…a guild mate told me that after 30 you need to hit around 800 mining nodes to get 1 level…

    Leveling in FFxiv is great because it had tons of little goals to achieve..at level 10 you unlock other classes, at level 15 you unlock your first dungeon and the duty finder and also the airship to travel to other cities..at level 20, you unlock mount, grand companies, materia..at level 30 you unlock your job..plus all the mini goals of skills you want to get from other classes for your main…protect from conjurer, second wind from pugilist.

    This is vital for me, to have tons of little goals to achieve..

    • If you keep trying you do eventually get in. The problem is that it sorta opens up in waves and you just have to be lucky enough to hit it at the right time.