Blogging Tips for Gamers #4

blogging tips for gamers

Tip #4: Hype is Okay

Hype has taken on this horrible stigma lately.  People think any hype it all is unearned, and anyone being excited or enthusiastic about a game must somehow be blinded to reality. I love hype.  I think it’s a powerful tool for marketers to use when they tailor expectations properly.  Hype is a wonderful reason for people to blog about games, and also a tool for bloggers to use to help get their blog off the ground.

I started blogging around the LotRO era.  I talked about the game and my adventures, and a lot of people found that interesting.  I would also write the usual commentary on the industry, as well as my take on how games should be designed.  It wasn’t until WAR, though, that I started to see people swarming our blog in droves. Why? Because I was excited, and I let others share in my excitement.  I would read something about WAR, then share my thoughts.  If it excited me, I conveyed that excitement and gave others an opportunity to come to the blog and share their excitement in a comment.  They found a kindred spirit.

People like the be excited.  People also like to bitch and moan.  Given the choice, I’ll take excited people over curmudgeons.  There’s not a lot to get excited about these days, but if you can find something that excites you or inspires you to write and share — DO IT!  You’ll get the usual people saying “There you go hyping a game again,” but who cares?  You’re blogging about something you enjoy, and hopefully that excitement and hype turns out to be something truly wonderful for you.

There’s always the chance it won’t end up as exciting as you hope.  That was WAR for me.  Turns out I got too excited and ignored the warning signs.  Realize that you also have an opportunity to comment and blog about how a game deceived you.  You can use your blog as a therapuetic process, or as a way of helping people realize the signs you know see plain as day.  People love to follow a story, and you can create an educational, informative, and interesting piece around your realization process.

Manage your expectations, but never be afraid to show and share your feelings with others.

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  • Hype that is identified as hype by a blogger is all good and part of the fun, even if we are most likely doomed to the post-sugar high crash.

    Hype by developers, especially the big cinematic teasers/trailers, almost always makes me feel like someone is trying to sell me lunar property.

    I think it is unfortunate when one has a greater fondness for a game trailer than for the game itself…

    I still love watching this trailer, although the lost potential of the game elicits a deep sigh: