Keen’s E3 Wrap-up

Keen’s E3 Wrap-up

E3 can be summed up in one word for me: Expensive.  The past few E3’s have really left me feeling… not disappointed, but wishing there was even more.  This year, two new consoles and a ton of games were announced.  Both the Xbox One -and- the PS4 look great to me.

Kitty MarioLike Graev, I really don’t participate in the console bashing.  I want fun games; I buy consoles with fun games.  I own a Wii U, and I will eventually own both the PS4 and Xbox One.  For now, I’m sold on the PS4 being the first of the two consoles I buy, with the Xbox One coming as soon as I can squeeze a few hundred more dollars out of my paycheck.   My reason for going PS4 first?  Microsoft lost me when they took their emphasis off gaming.  It’s that simple.

Nintendo was my overall winner based purely on what excites me the most. I think Nintendo is really trying to prove they understand that everything they do should be catering to their fans. Just look at the list of games they showed off:

  • Super Smash Bros.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
  • Yoshi’s New Island
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • Mario kart 8
  • Sonic Lost World
  • ‘A New Title’ developed by Monolith
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • The Legend of Zelda: WindWaker HD


Nintendo showed they didn’t need a huge presentation.  Their console reveal was last year.  Instead of getting in the middle of a heated battle, they focused on fan-service and delivered me a list of games to last a year.  Owning a 3DS continues to be extremely worthwhile, and the Wii U’s first full year is going to end on a very, very high note.  I have nothing but appreciation for a company who focuses on releasing oodles of good games.

If I had to name one single game that surprised and impressed me the most, I would definitely say it’s Titanfall.

I love the futuristic mecha setting. I think the pacing, just from watching the scripted multiplayer battle, looked great. I’m thinking the maps sizes will be on the smaller side because it’s made by the ex-Infinity Ward folks, and that might be okay. If the maps are too big, it may lose that sense of close quarters battle.  Titanfall looks innovative, and a step forward for shooters.  The fact that this is on the Xbox One is a little ironic, but the PC version is likely to be my platform of choice.

Overall, as a consumer, I am very pleased with this year’s E3.  Now I need to figure out how I’m going to pay for it all.

  • Don’t really see anything even slightly new in that titanfall video. I’m just so burnt out on medium-paced sci fi shooters though I guess…

  • I really liked the look of Titanfall too but I’m probably going to get it on PC – I can’t do FPS games on a controller.

    The other surprises that looked good was Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – it just looked plain fun and funny.

    I want The Division.

    Watchdogs looks even better than it did in previous clips.

    Destiny I’m not sure about yet.

  • See for me it was Destiny that looked really good, with being able to level up guns and having different classes with different abilities… I am a sucker for shooters with RPG elements in them. I am leery about Titanfall however, I haven’t looked into the game much beyond the video shown during the Microsoft Showcase on Monday but the multiplayer honestly just looked kinda generic with the addition of giant robots. Plus for me a lot of games, even FPS games, I play for the story so I wanna know what the hell the story is which they didn’t show much of.

  • The biggest surprise for me was ubisoft. Almost everything they had to show looked outstanding. The District and The Crew both came out of nowhere and I’m more excited to play them the pretty much anything short of dark souls2.

    When I watched destiny I was thinking “first person Defiance with less RPG elements”. It looks good but I’m not sold on the mechanics. Defiance got old fast and Destiny seems to have even less to it. I hope I’m wrong.