Back To Basics In Minecraft

minecraft wizard tower
Wizard Tower in Minecraft sitting on the border of two magic zones. We’ll be doing all Thaumcraft stuff here.

Keen has been playing a lot of Minecraft lately and trying to get me to join him. I resisted for the most part until recently when I felt a creative jolt and spent two Saturdays building a Wizard Tower. We’re actually trying to get a whole fantasy kingdom thing going on. Keen is working on a castle and eventually we plan on building a town and maybe an airship dock. I like creating buildings, but that is pretty much the extent of my enjoyment in Minecraft these days.

I’ve never really been a fan of mods, which I’ve probably blogged about before, and now Minecraft is full of them. Our community server runs so many complicated and convoluted things now to the point it makes my head hurt. You can basically build an entire infrastructure to mine and sort for you. Build a solar paneled robot, jetpack, laser gun, etc. Oh what’s this? Nuclear reactor? Why the hell not?  I mean, wow… I remember when this used to be about digging holes and trying not to get blown up. ‘Course there is nothing wrong with this stuff and loads of people enjoy being able to create complex machines and automated slaughterhouses but I find it hard to get into something when it feels like I need a specialized degree to understand it.

But anyways… Here is the twisty wizard tower I built. I styled it to look like it’s been magically torn out of the ground. Part of the lower wall is blown out and floating mid-air and the upper room has detached. I plan on building a giant brass telescope on the roof but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

So why am I posting this? Well, it may not grow, tend, and harvest its own wheat to automatically bake into bread but I’m proud of it and somebody must might care, right?

  • And here I thought I was the only one who had no interest in the complicated mods! I’m right there with you, I prefer no mods, or at least far simpler mods, than most people play with. The mods I used to play with were always very minor tweaks or additions to the game, I still like doing everything by hand rather than machines doing a lot of it.

  • Care? no. I did enjoy reading the article.

    The tower looks like its collapsing. There must be something very heavy on top. I expect a solar panel robot of some sort.

  • I’ve caught the bug again myself and spent the last couple weeks mining and building a XP skytrap. The only Mods I’ve ever used have been to enable higher definition texture packs and better lighting.

  • Minecraft is still the game that I spend most of my time in these days. I actually play on and am a staff member for a server with a custom mod pack (similar to Tekkit, but updated to 1.4.7 atm, waiting for the other mods to hit 1.5.*).

    For me, vanilla Minecraft was fun. But after a bit there was really nothing to do besides building more buildings, or architecture, or what have you. And since my artistic side is fairly non-existant, the Technology of a lot of the modpacks calls out to my engineering-oriented brain.

    Even that pales after a while though, the only thing really keeping me playing is the PvP/stealing that is allowed on my server. I love finding ways into people’s bases that they overlooked 🙂

  • We have a server going for the Keen and Graev Community. We run Feed the Beast. I learn about something new to do, make, and explore every day. The complexity is ridiculous, but unless you -try- to find it you can easily stay in vanilla mode.

  • Vanilla MC is too dull now, everything you I could do in vanilla I have done, so the mod pack was nice.
    I too was building a magic kingdom, but since you two are i’ve kind of put that on the back burner and am helping others with their stuff

    The screenshot dosn’t do the tower justice btw. very nice work