I’m a stone cold G, playa.

Monster Hunter G Rank Horn
My G Rank Hunter

G Rank hunter in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, that is, and it only took me 120 hours. What did you think I meant?

What is G Rank? Frankly, I have no idea. The game goes from low rank quests and then on to high rank quests. After that you are inducted into the infamous G Rank, which is where the game really begins supposedly. What does the G stand for you ask? Who knows? It might as well be T, H, B, or S Rank. It must mean something, but I don’t know what. Basically, every monster seems to be on speed and hits like a mack truck.

Most of my time has been spent farming different monsters for rare crafting components. You might start to slowly lose your sanity when you fight the same thing over and over again for only a 2% drop chance, but it’s a pretty great feeling when you finally assemble your armor or upgrade your weapon. Unless you end up looking something like this: See attached image. Then you might feel like crying yourself to sleep.

That giant thing you see on my back is a Hunting Horn. Think of it as a basically a musical instrument you bash heads with and also use to buff your self/group. Originally I was using a Gunlance, which is pretty much what it sounds like, but after dozens of hours you just need to switch things up. If I can ever get Keen to play with me I might switch over to something else like a Bowgun, which is an entirely different style of play.  That’s what I really like about these games. You can invest a lot of time and have an equal amount of fun and then switch to a different weapon and find an entirely different experience. Possibly enjoyable or not.

I still have a long way to go if I ever hope to see all of this game’s content. And again, my Nintendo Network ID is Graevyard, so feel free to hit me up for some hunts!

  • I still don’t get why there is no online multiplayer on the 3DS version. It’s not like the system isn’t capable enough or anything.

    You can play Luigi’s Mansion online with 4 people. Mario Kart with several people. Tons more games.

  • No coop in a game like this is just… wrong.
    That and your character looks like a pirate clown that dressed for a masked ball.

  • @Zyler There is 4-player hunting, but it’s only local wireless on the 3DS. On Wii U you can play online or locally with other 3DS players.

    Actually, you can play the 3DS version online if you have a Wii U and a Wii network adapter, or something. But if you have a Wii U then you might as well get the Wii U version… Still confused about why this is even a thing.

  • Wanna know the worst thing about this Graev? I have 130 hours, and I am still at the beginning of high rank… I farm way to much

  • Cool, I enjoyed Tri but never finished it, the lack of HD always bothered me so this could be a fix for that but I really don’t have any interest in the U so I guess I’ll just wait until more games come out that look interesting or perhaps holiday sales in the future.

    Dragons dogma is one that confused me with the higher level stuff, games shouldn’t be made to cause so much confusion such as the G rank. I expect to pick up a game and learn while playing now a days and I don’t want to read umpteen websites trying to learn high level game capabilities…oh well at least they have them I suppose

  • Just thought of something and wanted to put to anyone who sees this and picks it up as someone who didn’t play a lot of tri or a first mh game… pick a weapon and stick with it, if you get bored with it, switch completely to another weapon and only try and keep one, maybe 2 weapon types fully upgraded to current or else you need to farm A LOT.