MMO Housing Done Right = Awesome

I’m proud to say that [KGC] Haven placed the first house on UO Forever.  That probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you, but it represents something amazing to us.  This old, old game relaunching on a new server has given me more fun in 3 hours than I’ve had in a long time.  That sense of rushing to build a house, working together to craft and earn money, and relying on each other is so awesome.

One of our members worked to hand out horses to the other members within minutes of the server being up.  The rest went to work earning money in various ways.  Now that we have placed our shop/house we own the land.  We OWN the land.  How awesome is that?  Players will run past our house and see it out in the world.  We’ll open the doors with vendors to sell our goods and begin making money selling our wares.  In how many games is that a possibility?  Our goal now is to create a guild city in a far off land, and use portals to travel back and forth.

I love these types of games.  I love knowing that we’re actually a physical part of the community.  Placing our tiny little house right at this Moongate means we will forever influence how this server plays out.  The world has changed, and will continue to change, as a direct result of our input.  That’s the coolest part of MMORPGs.

KGC Haven First House UOF

  • Keen, I recently quit GW2, as much as it pains me to say for the time being the game is to much of a boring grind to continue at least till the game has a few months or a year of fluff under its belt. I am currently gameless and I was almost tempted to go make a new character on DT on Asheron’s Call but for what ever reason your little UO blog got me thinking. If I can go back to archaic gfx of AC why not try something from another perspective?

    So I am thinking of picking this up to give it a good shot but I know no one and the last thing I want to do is join a hardcore PK game without friends. If you got the time and energy to show a newbie the ropes the nI’ll be down to joingin the server.

  • While not perfect (seeing so many houses next to each other and not enough room for everyone to build a home) Ultima Online gave you a home within a world.

    Imagen a place without general chat. Where you have to talk, rely and make friends you actually meet. Invite them to your home to socialize, where they bring beer and food.
    Your home is also a great place to stall out your prized possessions. That badass dragon you defeated? Yeah I got his head on the wall. That epic wand you found? Yes its on a pedestal for all to see.

    How is it that we went from this.. (ultima online) to less immersion and features in the mmorpg we have these days? (people been asking for a similar housing system in WOW from the very start.)

    Maybe one day they will create world again instead of a themepark.

  • That does sound like fun. As a person who has never played UO, any tips on getting started? I might be interested in starting up.

  • @Zederok: I’d be happy to show you the ropes. It’s an old game, and with that comes adjusting to old and clunky ui and gameplay, but it’s second to none.

    @Yulian: Take things slow. Set goals, find friends, and decide how you want to live your UO life. Me, I want to make things and have people buy them. That’s why having a house placed in such a good spot for our guild was important. Once you decide what direction you want to go, a hundred paths open up for you.

    @Zyler: Yeah man, maybe one day the devs will recreate this type of world. This is the stuff I dream about, what I write about, and what I want to play.

    @Graev: Hey, it’s cool okay?

  • Downloading as we speak although I prolly wont have the time to engage in the game until tomorrow night when I get off work. The great thing is I am off the next several days (after tomorrow) which should give me plenty of time to become engrossed in the game.

  • @Zederok: Awesome! You can post on our UO board for any advice you need (or post here) and hop on vent to talk with us.

  • I kind of wonder what ultima online would look like if they gave it a makeover to todays standards of graphics. Full HD etc.
    Tweak a few gameplay mechanics here and there.

    And I just realised I’m asking for ultima online 2.. “raises eyebrow” then sighs.

    offtopic: I had a look at what starwars the old republic is like today with it beeing F2P now.
    Hmm it is like they do not want new players or money. I have never seen such a restricting F2P model.
    Its like its free to download and pay to play. I just started running away… fast.

  • I’m on UO:F and would love to hook up with your guild. I don’t see a forum link at the top of your page, where do I find you guys?

  • @Zyler: Here is a snippet from the producer of UO:

    Continuing to work on High Res art..currently working on all the wall pieces. These will not be released till all pieces of a house are finished due to the fact they look horrible together with old and new. We still have many wall sets to update including doors, signs, and the roof before any high res art will be released. Please understand its taking us 3 weeks from start to finish to get each wall set type in the game. So yes this is slow going but we are going to finish it *grins* Remember now there are 45 wall sets total and we have totally completed 7. Below is a sneak peak of what you can expect to see in the future.

  • @Sendel Could be but hardly anyone is interested in the official version of ultima online. Most people play pre trammel version.

    Oh and… Bank!

  • One of the things I always admired about UO was the fact the game had no hotbar of skills yet was fun as hell. Very simple yet extremely effective combat system.

  • I want to play, but the client didn’t really work for me, and being a small indie game there’s no support 🙁

  • HAH

    I really wonder how many of the people praising UO’s gameplay/interface would have said what they’ve said if they did not have Razor or some other backend assistant…

  • Hey guys, I’d really love to join, I’m a 20yo guy from oregon, used to play uo back in the day and really think you have a nice community here. I would love to join and add to the UO Fun Experience!

    My uncle got me to fall for this game back when I was 12, lmao been poor but now free who the heck wouldn’t enjoy this free end game find me, add me in game. My alias is Shao beast or (Lord)and sometimes king john 3rd, i’m into pvp, making a fencer miner so my bud can use my ore to make gear.. but down to help the guild too!

    So give me a shout and im still learnign your website but hit me with email on here.. 😀 Lets get Adventurous!